Mighty Magic Factory in the News!

 Mighty Magic Factory’s Hocus Pocus: Focus on Kids is Today’s Top Pick!!!

Yup, that’s us on the left, with Singapore’s very own Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew just next to our space in the Straits Times Life! 🙂  We’ll be in tomorrow’s copy as well and they re-edited it because had my name incomplete *amused grin* I think it’s really awesome that the local media supports us variety arts.

Last evening’s show for OCBC was GREAT! There were loads of media reporters around, besides the bank’s all important clients and they reacted well to us, despite some technical glitches which affected our mics and speakers. After our half hour performance which consisted of illusions like Full Throttle (magic appearance of a girl and motorcycle) and more, J C & I appeared their chairman (a very sporting gentleman) magically from nowhere. After he gave his speech, there was an impressive showcase of pretty fireworks next to us, just above the Singapore River.

Tonight’s show was a little different, with stage acts from J C & myself that were not showcased last evening. The client was pleased again as the crowd seemed to really love us and were a lot more vocal than last evening’s reserved crowd (all your super ‘atas’ people).

I did my straight jacket striptease in my new silver bareback top and it was so amusing that the company’s VIP later made a quip on stage during his speech just before the fireworks, that he couldn’t understand how I could so skillfully maneuver my way out of the snugly strapped straightjacket but keep my top on.


In case you don’t know how the new ‘Magic Babe’ costume looks like, here’s a peak of our brand new 2008 promo photos. Presenting, J C Sum & Magic Babe with Crystal Metamorphosis!


I so love this photo. Hehe. Singapore’s only professional female magician looking at her best! J C has a very cool one with REVO-LLUSION, his all original 8 ft industrial fan illusion. It’s now on his www.jcsum.com website 🙂

Mega Illusionist, J C Sum, is actually a professional LEVI’S model on his off days

This is my solo ‘Magic Babe’ promo shot with a ‘Dark Knight’ type of motorcycle behind me and I’m wielding one of my Japanese sais. The guys at work pointed out that for some reason, my boobs look extra perky.

It was a cold day…

I pointed (oops, pun not intended) it out to our photographer who DI-ed it and Mok laughed and said he’ll see what he can do. If you’re interested in how the raw image actually looked, this is me before any funky special effects was layered into the photo:

Since so many people have asked… This is my REAL hair, I’m not wearing any extensions thank you!

This one has some attitude in it… ‘Magic Babe’ wearing her very first costume, with the white man’s work shirt unbuttoned this time, and without her signature dark trenchcoat *grin* I wish our photographer would have air-brushed abs on me. Hee hee.

‘Magic Babe’ Ning… Armed and Dangerous!

Right. I digress. Back to the OCBC illusion show.

It went well for us and there’s nothing more super than the feeling of accomplishment of knowing you did a stellar performance from the cheer of the crowd & then later experiencing spectacular fireworks just in front of you while you’re unwinding 🙂

I think it was the same sequence as the night before, but like magic, I never get tired of seeing fireworks again and again and again *grin* I especially love the ‘dark horse’ types that suddenly explode into amazing circular showers when you don’t even see them shooting up prior.

Here are some photos I managed to take…



It’s more magical see it “live” 🙂 My least favorite part of any gig is the packing down and loading up of the props and equipment back to the studio. I’m actually having a bit of a small fever today, which started from yesterday, so I sat out while the rest of the guys did their muscle man thing and loaded all our stuff into the truck back to the studio.





We’re all practically living characters in the American action series “24” where once something is resolved, something else comes up. After 2 consecutive nights of working on this customized illusion show for OCBC bank,  the team now has to finish last minute preparations for tomorrow’s Mighty Magic Factory event at the Arts House! So much to do… so little time!

Anyways, it’s going to be fun so here’s looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂


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