Chinese New Year is coming!

Lunar New Year is coming up and I’m secretly snacking on the yummy pineapple tarts stored in the kitchen, which Mom’s specially made for the festive event. She never ever reads my blog so she’ll never know I’m the culprit… she’ll just think it’s all Dad’s fault! *evil laugh* 

As a kid, CNY used to be my all-time favorite holiday because of all the red packets I could get, which I could use to buy toys (I was completely crazy about LEGO) and books (I got the ENTIRE Nancy Drew collection). I also got to go to relatives’ homes and everyone almost had a video game system like Sega, Nintendo, Dreamcast, Play station and the works, so I’d be glued to it for hours.

People always said the same thing to me as a little girl growing up…

Uncles: So, how is school? How did you do for your exams? (Tsk, tsk)
Wah, getting prettier every time I see you! So how… Any boyfriend? *amused cackle* You want auntie to introduce?
Eh, why still so skinny?!?! Eat more, eat more!

Now that I’m all grown up, the questions have changed just a bit…

So, how is work? How is your business doing? (Tsk, tsk)
Wah, getting prettier every time I see you! So how… Any boyfriend? *looks on expectedly* You want auntie to introduce?
Eh, why still so skinny?!?! Eat more, eat more!

…Well, I did tell you it was just a bit.

I really do love my family. Everyone of us is just so different. Half of my older cousins are already married, with big bro George having a baby on the way! The two who aren’t married have pretty much found the ones they want to be with and are just waiting for the right time to pop the question I think. *hehe*

And everyone in my extended family knows about my long-distance relationship with an Arabian prince who’s going to pay his brides price (not to be confused with dowry) in the form of a fleet of camels. No, not the smelly cigarettes, because that would technically be “a pack” not “fleet”. I know this may come across as much of a surprise to most of you who have always assumed I’m single and all, but we’re actually very much in love  In fact, I gave my honey-bunny-fuzzy-wuzzy-tinky-winky a Chinese name. It’s called – FOO LING YEW.

Tee hee hee.

Anyways. Being the only girl in the office has its quirks. Like, no one ever bothers to clean up the pantry fridge and much less restock it. Similarly, none of the guys thought to dress up the studio for Lunar New Year! Hehehe…

Origami Gal triumphant after putting together a very ching-chong looking miniature Chinese lantern of sorts…

Will’s reaction when asked to comment on how pretty it is. Right, I sometimes forget he’s not Chinese…

Shawn tries hard to find something nice to say when I asked for comments…

Sherman is like a big brother and completely patronizes me when he says it looks cute… *dour look*

Our resident magic geek thinks about a possible levitation effect instead… D’oh!

Well, I didn’t care what the guys think. It’s Chinese New Year and we’re SO going to put some decorations to set our office in the mood! The red lantern’s hanging outside our front door right now and I gave our favorite office neighbor a pair, which he seemed to really appreciated *beams*

Before I leave the office to the Asian Civilization Museum in town, where we’re doing a half hour customized illusion show and magic appearance of the Chairman of OCBC, I just wanted to share that watching this really retro performance of David Copperfield really inspired me! Check it out here. It’s so smooth and perfect… a bit cheesy now, but that’s because it’s from decades ago. Nice!


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