There’s just no escaping this. Everywhere I venture, signs of Valentines Day start to creep up in subtle (and some not-so-subtle) advertising all around me. For crying out loud, Valentines Day is still almost a month away! Plus, it’s completely overrated. Don’t you think it’s so contrived and overly commercialized?

Now, I’m not saying all this just because I don’t have a date for Feb 14 (besides Will and Shawn repeatedly asking me out… but that doesn’t really count!) or that I saw my ex with his brand new squeeze on Friday night when I was with the Queenies. Really. It’s got nothing to do with it! I’m just being objective simply because logically…

Why do you actually need a special day to celebrate love?

If you’re truly in love, shouldn’t everyday be like Valentines Day where you really enjoy each others company? It’s kinda lame to do this only “once every year” where you have to buy the obligatory flowers, compulsory presents, mandatory nice dinner, yadda yadda yadda… My goodness. That’s just so icky!!! 😛 I dunno, I just feel that if it’s not from the heart, one just shouldn’t do it. It almost feels so perfunctory and synthetic.

Here’s my two cents if you’re interested… Valentine’s Day is almost like a lame attempt for office girls to ‘hao lian’ and show off whose boyfriend’s more affluent or loves her more by the size of the flower bouquets or presents that are delivered to her workplace *wry grin* This is just the tip of the ice-berg really.

I’m a strange girl*, but for the rest of the world, if your girlfriend ever appears to agree with you that you guys shouldn’t celebrate Valentines Day because it’s clichéd and everything… please, don’t be a sucker and fall for that. Seriously.

It’s still one of those perpetual “test” thingies that women like to lay around (women are complicated that way) just to check how much you love them/ if you still love them/ if they’re still the most important thing in the whole wide world to you/ etc. Be smart about it! Her not getting you anything does not equal the detrimental nightmare of you (the man in the relationship) not getting her anything on Valentines. Take my word on this really.

Be safe and preserve your sanity so just buy her those flowers anyway, because you really wouldn’t want to be in those sad, sad shoes asking your pouting girl, “Baby, what’s wrong?” when each and every other girl around you guys is making her boyfriend awkwardly hold the expensive bunch of flowers he bought her that night. Go figure.

There, I’ve said it. Flame me for being honest 😛 The truth always hurts.


*Some reasons why Ning is so not your typical Singaporean girl-next-door when it comes to the ‘Do you want to get a HDB flat’ question…

1. Though they are beautiful, me thinks diamond engagement rings are a bit of a cliché, especially in modern times when nearly all women work and are able to jolly well buy their own pretty bling bling! I’m no feminist but seriously, every gal’s now empowered to buy her own jewelry and not have to wait and wait and wait and wait (forever) for the guy!

2. Personalization and customization is way more meaningful than just engraving your names on store-bought rings. Something that has both your blood in it is extremely significant and evocative of your union to each other. Like an exchange of a small vial of blood or a wee bit (no one’s asking you to do a blood transfusion) incorporated into the ring. Maybe a couple tattoo even?

3. Wedding Photos are mostly so generic and I roll my eyes and smirk each and every time I see one that has a grinning couple posing in the traditional Chinese formal wedding costume. You know, the ones in gaudy red where the guy usually have a cheesy Chinese cap with a long pigtail like Wong Fei Hung’s attached? Gimme a funky white PVC wedding gown instead and can we pose with a sleek black panther, please? That would be sooooo nice 🙂 Meowwrrr…

See, I told ya I was quirky!

Uhm… Question, how long exactly do I have to stand to win? *goofy grin*



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  1. Hi Ning, that’s a very interesting perspective on Valentine’s Day.

    Er… interestingly, I’m selling flowers for Vday (and i’ve asked Will to help me promote):


  2. admin

    Hey Teng Hui, I hope your V-Day sales went well… got your message last night about asking me to join some pageant thingy linked to MediaCorp? What’s that about? *blink* Send me an email!


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