Queenies @ Rogue on a Friday Nite

Presenting the Beauty Queen (Mabes), Fashionista Queen (Nats), Sexy-as-hell Queen (Spanky), & Magical Queen (who else but yours truly)! *grin* Gadget Queen (Zann) wasn’t around because she had some last minute issues so it was just the 4 of us babes tonight. Apparently today’s been a really crazy day for all of us so it was a much welcomed feel-good session in the company of trusted friends and confidants!

Nat’s other half came later around midnight and Luke’s always a welcomed addition to the group. I think they are such a super duper sweet couple (can’t wait for their wedding in June!) and it’s just so apparent how completely in love this guy is to want to spend time hanging out with us and knowing her close friends better! *grin*

Luke & Nats… the man’s over 30 but he really doesn’t look it! 🙂

I’m seriously so happy for Nats because such good guys are a rarity these days. If anyone knows which planet they are from and how I can get there, please let me know. Hahaha!

Spanky with Mabes, who arrived the latest because of work (hehe… it’s not me this time!)

Mabes was gushing to us about a cute American-born Korean PR account director she met at work and she makes him sound like a dashing Won Bin! She’s the most animated of all of us and her descriptive (sometimes non-PG material) stories always never fail to entertain me. I’m glad she made it to our dinner date despite leaving work late *grin*

Me & Nats together at our alfresco seats…

Lots of people say we both look like cousins. I think we sometimes look like sisters. Now I really wouldn’t mind Nat’s funky last name, Bounaparte! Yes, she’s got some French blood in her. And me, well… according to my mom, she’s got an ancestor up the family tree with the surname Huin and he isn’t Chinese. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.   

Spanky’s reaction to the giant sundae I ordered for us… Priceless! Haha 🙂

This woman is one cool hottie. She’s now into goth culture and is crazy about an European goth-rock band which has a very androgynous looking lead singer with an uber sexy voice. We’re not sure if we should take her seriously when Spanky shared that she was going to save up for a plane ticket to watch them “LIVE” in concert. LOL.

Us corny people pulling spontaneous animated expressions over the giant ice-cream dessert… Hee hee…

I had a slab of juicy steak for dinner but it still wasn’t enough (though it came with a mountain of fries and salad), so when the I asked if anyone wanted dessert, the girls got me to choose one out of the many in the menu. I picked the yummiest sounding one of course and when it arrived… it already looked delish! YUM!!!

Nat going loco… no way are we gonna let the woman hog it all to herself!!!


Our darling Spanky savoring every spoonful…

Nat’s got BLISS written all over her face…

Ice-cream makes us all very happy…


I’m really glad that despite our different work schedules, we made time for each other to meet up tonight, because I truly needed the de-stressing after a crazy week and being with the Queenies made everything a lot better. I still have to work over the weekend (hectic rehearsals and paperwork can be a real b*tch)!!!

Next week’s not any better because we have two big Concept:Magic illusion shows for OCBC at the Asian Civilization Museum on Mon & Tue, and as some of you already know, Wed evening sees the Mighty Magic Factory team at the Arts House with our magic micro convention. Do check out Tueday’s copy of Life! in The Straits Times because the event’s going to be listed in the newspapers *grin* There’s going to be a nice colorful picture of the entire Mighty Magic Factory family too!

Please swing by our evening event on 30 Jan (Hocus Pocus: Focus on Kids) if magic genuinely interests you. More information about this one-off event can be found on Magic Boutique, Singapore’s #1 online magic shop serving South East Asia, as well as, Mighty Magic Factory, the BEST Singapore birthday party team around! *grin*

See you at the event! 🙂


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