Tuffy, our friendly unknown creature from an unknown place, does a double take when Captain Amazing tells him that he’s going to be in Science Spy!

That’s right! Do check out the March/April 2008 issue of Singapore and Malaysia’s premiere kids edutainment magazine, Science Spy, which is available at all bookshops and magazine stands here in this country and even from across the causeway. Shawn aka Captain Amazing’s four page exclusive feature will be on it 🙂 Yes, he’s our star edutainer from Mighty Magic Factory, the BEST Singapore birthday party team around! *grin*

We had lots of fun during the interview session which had Captain Amazing impress the reporter and photographer with his infectious humor and charm, as well as, some science related magic and optical illusions, besides a special appearance by our dearest puppet friends – Tuffy & Kenny the Friendly Chicken (KFC, Captain Amazing’s sidekick).

A glib Captain Amazing doing his thing…

Poking a soft straw through a hard-as-rock potato? Easily done!

Tuffy amuses the Science Spy magazine reporter and photographer by just being himself

…See what I mean? *chuckle*

The obnoxiously irritating KFC also sends the two studio guests giggling, when he explains how he was turned into a chicken by Captain Amazing’s evil nemesis… C J Scum!

C J Scum is truly quite the character, I must say. Well, do stay tuned to www.MightyMagicFactory.com for more info on this elusive super baddie who our dynamic local superheroes always try to capture *grin* He’s mighty good at teleporting instantly so that’s why it’s just so darn hard to nail him down!
Ta for now, more later…


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