This is the second media interview “Iron” Will is giving, the first being in MANJA last year, which is Singapore’s #1 lifestyle magazine for the Malay community. They were excited when I contacted them because what Will does is truly special – no one else in this part of the world does it!

Anyway, this particular interview is for a popular lifestyle online portal for youths called and it’s owned by Singapore Press Holdings. It’s a really funky place which also has citizen journalism and is extremely youth-centric, a great move by SPH, providing a professional place where youths also write for the youths!

The intrigued reporter also took photos of Will in our studio, as he gave her a special one-on-one demo of the crazy stunts and escapes feats he does in his professional escapology show. The article which features South East Asia’s only professional escape artist will be coming up soon on but meanwhile, check out these pictures!

Will talks more about the Houdini thing he does and shows off his straightjacket

An interesting demonstration on expert lock picking done with only a woman’s hairpin

Will does the human blockhead – hammering a giant nail up his nose. There’s nothing gimmicky about this baby, everything is REAL!

Reporter being completely grossed out when she sees the nail hammered flat in, up close and personal…

Will slowly removing the giant nail out of his crevice. Observe that it went in and left straight. Kids, do not try this at home… our anyone else’s homes 😛

Will demonstrates how he skillfully gets out of locked handcuffs –using the same exact Smith & Wesson model our local policemen carry!

An amazed reporter asks if there’s ANYTHING he can’t escape from and Will tells her “Yes, National Service.” LOL!

Will posing with his signature Clausphobia Box, which was specially designed for him by J C. No one else in the world has this!

Well, do check out “Iron” Will’s exclusive interview on OMY.SG which will be put up shortly. You know, everyone sees Will as the tough rocker dude but beneath that “Iron” Will exterior, he’s actually a big softie who also loves Greek mythology and history (we had a fantastic conversation and I was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge). 

It’s pretty much like how vastly different I am from my “Magic Babe” persona I guess, but not many people are able to segregate the character differences so they’d think I’m always intensely aloof and untouchable & Will’s always fierce and angry. LOL!

Nothing could be further than the truth 😉

The Will I know… Awwww…


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