We just took our brand new 2008 promo photos this afternoon for our brand new illusion show. That’s right, it’s Asia’s first illusion show featuring a duo professional force consisting of a male magician & a female magician… J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning! *grin*

Personally, I’m so glad I took those private pilates lessons. Having a personal trainer is expensive but I think it’s an investment that is beginning to pay off. Now, if I can only get a pack of rock-hard abs! Grrrr…

Anyways, here’s a bit of a sneak peak… of course this isn’t the finished product because they have yet to photoshop/ DI the image and erase out the lighting stands and such but the photographer we worked with was really professional and a complete joy to work with!

Meowrrrrr… Presenting: ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum with their latest all-original illusion, Crystal Metamorphosis!

Crystal Metamorphosis is our latest addition to our exciting collection of grand stage illusions. J C designed it himself and it’s nothing at all like some tacky magic box which people usually equate to as a magician’s stage prop. LOL… I think it’s really funky because it certainly has its own distinctive style and it’s truly unique because no one else in the world has it!

Stay tuned to our Concept:Magic website, which features high-end magic entertainment and customized illusions, for our brand new 2008 promo shots to be ready right before the Lunar New Year!


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