Stuff toys Ade gave me that are proudly displayed on my office table… hee… that’s Woofie-Poo on the left & Mr. Bear on the right 🙂

My dearest Adeline had her very first press interview this afternoon, with the Business Times, Singapore’s premier leading business newspaper. The Singapore Press Holdings reporter for their entrepreneuristic youth section came down with a photographer for Adeline’s exclusive interview and photo shoot – check out the article which is slated to be printed on Mon, 21 Jan!

I’m really happy for her and Adeline (as Kinetic Gal) completely “WOW”ed them with her talents and skills. There’s no other professional female magic juggler in Singapore and Ade’s really super at balloon twisting and good at ventriloquism with puppets too *grin*

She’s one of my bestest friends and someone I truly trust with all my heart. Ade’s only 20 but she’s an old soul – completely mature and steadfast with a good head on her shoulders. I think she’s accomplished so much for someone so young and I’m really proud of her.

Check out the photos of Ade/ Kinetic Gal during the media interview at our studio this afternoon, where she also talked about Mighty Magic Factory, the BEST Singapore birthday party team around! *grin*

Danny the Cucumber Boy looks on as Kinetic Gal smartly answers questions posed by the Business Times journalist while their photographer snaps away

Kinetic Gal in action with her impressive fast-paced speedy ball juggling!

Crash the Rat makes a guest-star appearance and acts all excited and neurotic when Kinetic Gal talks to him about cheese!YUM…

Everyone fussing over Kinetic Gal for the Business Times photo shoot *grin* The professional photographer had a really funky concept!

An amused yours truly taking a photo of their reflections in our huge mirror…

Kinetic Gal with Crash the Rat!

I really love Ade’s costume because it’s just so vibrant and cool. It was a fun process for me coming up with it and putting it together, pretty much like Kinetic Gal’s unique character, as well as, the individual puppets in the vivacious Mighty Magic Factory family!

Well, do check out the exclusive interview on Business Times this Monday, 21 Jan. It’s really fantastic that the local media supports the local arts scene *grin*


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