Meaningful meet-up with Felix

After a crazy day at work which saw us doing an all-important presentation, I hailed a cab and sped to town, where I met my buddy Felix for a movie and dinner after. I seriously couldn’t believe how costly the taxi fare cost. Geez. It costs almost thirty bucks to get to Plaza Singapura from the east side of Singapore. Sigh.

I really should get a Vespa of my own soon. A white vintage one with a matching helmet and customized plush red seats. Hmmm. It’s extremely appealing but the only thing I’d hate is helmet hair and when I’m a victim of a sudden downpour. Eek.

Anyways, yes, my movie “date” with Felix. He was supposed to do a review on the film, TRADE which premiered at last year’s Sundance Festival. The film is based on the novel “Girls Next Door” about sex slaves… girls who were tricked and forced to become prostitutes against their will.

It’s been ages since I cried at a film but TRADE really did it for me. There were at least four pivotal points in the movie that made me tear really bad… unlike the dull Hollywood crap which relies so much on visual effects, rather than a strong and effective storyline.

The story seemed so real and painful to me. I’d encourage anyone to watch it. Especially if you think you’re jaded with the life you currently have. I feel that most Singaporeans take things so much for granted and our country’s just too safe. I think any Singaporean who travels to Mexico wouldn’t be street savvy enough to survive. I hope I’m wrong anyways.

The film was awesome (I dare say the best film I’ve seen for months now) and I intend to get the DVD when it comes out. Hopefully it comes with extra features.

Dinner and dessert was great… Felix & I had plenty to catch up on and he was amazed at my drive. LOL. I told him about Mighty Magic Factory, that we provide mid to high-end Kids Entertainment in Singapore …both edutainment for school shows and media content, besides zany fun for children’s birthday parties with our friendly party hosts, puppets and more.

Felix just got invited to read at the Sydney Writer’s Festival later in May & he’s got a brand new apartment, so things seem pretty interesting on his end too! He’s a fantastic friend and an inspiration. I think if I didn’t know him, I wouldn’t have had the guts to walk the “alternative” path and chase my dreams, choosing to do what I like, as opposed to what other people expect me to *wry grin*

Life’s too short to live it for somebody else. Be responsible, but be kind to yourself too.


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