Be the change that you want to be this 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!!! *grin* How was your countdown and celebrations? I hope you had a fan-tabulous one! I guess while most people were partying hard… I was busy working on my precious little baby, Mighty Magic Factory! 🙂

Our website finally went “LIVE” this morning and it was really a labor of love. I’m personally very proud of it, do check it out… especially if you need good quality entertainment for children with fun puppets, good ventriloquists, kids magicians and more. We’re the funkiest Singapore birthday party team around… just see our cheery “family portrait”! *grin*

We’ve got a snazzy video up on our Mighty Magic Factory website (the top right hand corner) and also on YouTube. The fun “trailer” basically introduces some of our friendly characters and I really had fun doing it. Do check it out when time allows *big grin* Meanwhile, remember… if/ when you need good, solid Kids Entertainment in Singapore, look for us!!!

My favorite white/ gold Campo Marzio designer fountain pen Spanky (who knows about my fountain pen fetish) gave me for my birthday was acting up so I had to fix it at their Raffles City’s outlet. Since we were working till late, J C gave me a lift there and we grabbed a late dinner. After that, we bumped into fellow magician, Alex Tan!

I’ve never had the chance to talk to him so tonight I found out that Alex’s quite the nice guy 🙂 The three of us were yakking away for about half an hour at least before we went our separate ways. Turns out, the local magician (I still won’t name him because I’m nice) who was selling sets of “WOW” that was not made by Masuda (the original creator), was upset with J C’s post on Singapore Magic Circle’s online forum regarding Professional Perfomers Performing Pirated Effects but he’s ceased selling them anyways. Well, I say… Good for him 🙂

I mean, how much can you make really, from selling stuff like that anyways? And the negativity is certainly not worth it, especially when one’s supposed to be a professional and lead by example. He may be resentful of us but I’m glad he has a conscience to ultimately do what’s really right anyway. Nevermind if I can’t please the world. Neither could Jesus nor Buddha *wry grin* And though I have my own point of view, I never force anyone to subscribe to my school of thought.

Anyways, like someone wise told me… Be the change that you want to be this 2008! *grin* Have a good one y’all!


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