It’s amusing what life has in stored for you sometimes… I so badly wanted to get the sophisticated Apple iPhone but when I realized local hacked versions could not be upgraded (software-wise), I decided to wait out for the very sensible Samsung F700 smart phone which was supposed to be out at the end of 2007 but for some reason, it never did. I was then ruefully considering Sony Ericsson’s K850i or the Nokia N95, both which were much hyped about *grin*

So right now… I’d like to sincerely thank two REALLY wonderful people (you know who you both are) who are just so completely kind and AWESOME. *grin* Thanks so much for the fantastic surprise Christmas gift… it’s really timely because my current mobile phone’s dying on me. Your super-duper kind, generous gesture is truly much appreciated! I’ll start using this at the start of the brand new year 🙂

Oh, I hope you don’t mind me doing some “customization” to the Nokia N95 you gave me! 😀 I just HAD to add a little bit of personality to the gadget because its original color was just a tad too “corporate” looking… Heh.

My new Nokia mobile phone… yay! It’s 3.5G with a groovy 5MP camera!

Seeing is believing… *slurp* It looks good enough to eat!

Believe your eyes… a PINK Nokia N95! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

I guess my folks were right about Karma, it really does pay to be nice *grin* Santa’s been good to me! LOL. Well, the year’s coming to a close real soon. Have you made your resolutions yet for 2008?

My main one is to be healthier, stronger and fitter… so I’m going to be starting Pilates next week! I can’t wait for that 🙂 Just like how I couldn’t go for a “fixed” violin coaching timetable (due to my crazy and unpredictable work schedule), I found a professional trainer who is flexible on a one-to-one private coaching timetable. It’s a quaint and cozy Pilates studio that’s relatively near the office so I can easily pop by after work!

Heh. I can’t wait already!!!



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  1. ooo. yes it’s a great phone! my friend just recently upgraded to it and he’s already showed me all the cool stuff! i kinda like the voice ring tone where they announce your caller’s name in that monotonous robotic voice… it’ll be interesting if you have nick names for all your friends! (especially on the mrt. :p)

  2. i just happen to have the black n95 8gb and it rocks! have you installed nokmote yet? it converts your phone into a wiimote (you can control the pad by just tilting the phone). it’s awesome for games, i like to play the Snake in the tv without touching any button 😛

    but i mainly use my phone to record magic videos and watch them 🙂

    nice place you’ve got here. im adding you to my blogroll.

    oh and btw… im running a logo contest for the new design of my blog, just in case you are interested.

    happy 2008!

    -Alejandro aka TheCuso

  3. admin

    Hey Nick… yeah, it’s a funky function and I do have a pet name for my buddy, Spanky. I was in the cab just the other day and it started to ring “Spanky… Porn Star”, much to the amusement of the driver. HAHA!

    Alejandro, nokmote/wiimote sounds nifty! I’ll check it out once I’ve got less pressing things on hand. Right now I’m pretty tied up so gadgeting and geeking online has to be put to a minimum *awwww* Thanks for the heads-up tho!


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