…Also know as an excuse for all of us SMC mods to just hang out amd chill *grin* It was really great to meet all of them (Axl, Alex, Adrian, Gordon, Zi An, and Bernard… Shade & Jerome couldn’t join us) after a long day at work, though it saw me scurrying from the office to town to meet them on time with my heavy bag full of (belated) Christmas presents!

They each received a magic DVD from me in completely recyclable earth-friendly wrapping! LOL. We had fun catching up over dinner and then jamming for a bit after. That’s Bernard showing us something funky with coins. I just love watching him do his coin work… it’s slick! 🙂

Bern’s a good friend of mine and I really love him (like a big brother!) because he’s truly a good person. No sneaky politics or bad intentions at all. Friends like that are a rarity these days! So despite him being completely hard@ssed as a moderator on the SMC forums, the guy’s a real angel. A friend with only the best intentions for you (well, okay, me) worth keeping for life.


We met for dinner at about 8ish and only left Vilage at about 11pm because the restaurant was closing. The 7 of us only had to pay $0.60 for dinner because we had vouchers! *grin* That was really amazing!

Aloysius came (un)fashionably late as usual, sauntering to the front of the mall where all of us were waiting for him, looking pink in the face because he’d been drinking with some buddies prior. He left us after half an hour to meet another bunch of mates at Zouk’s Velvet Underground, after unsuccessfully cajoling the bunch of us to follow him to the club. He also told us about a NYE party bash at some bar with cheap booze, which his “crazy” (?) friend had booked privately from 2 – 6am but no one took the bait. LOL.

Honestly… He’s still the same from over three years ago, when we first met after he created the SMC online magic discussion forum. Perhaps the only person who changed was me *wry grin* I guess at the end, you think of the beginning.

I’m glad we’re just friends now and I don’t ever need to be upset or affected on a “different level” whenever he’s late, forgets dates, never completes things, smokes and drinks or doesn’t pick up the phone because he still does all that. Someone did comment that Aloy’s not really living a healthy lifestyle from the lack of sleep and the excessive drinking (and smoking, which is my pet peeve)… and while I still think he doesn’t act 30 at all (31 in about 2 weeks actually), I believe everyone’s responsible for their own lives.

After we parted ways, I grew up. Lots. I’ve no regrets about our relationship honestly… we just weren’t the perfect match. Aloy’s still a great guy with good qualities (men who cook are sexy, period) and I’ve learnt so much from him, but we’re just so much better of as friends 🙂 Perhaps it was meant to be as well… destiny or fate, that is… because, if I wasn’t single right now, I wouldn’t have the energy and time to focus on things & I am really happy with what I’ve got and TREMENDOUSLY excited about what the future has in stored!!! *big grin*

Anyways, the bunch of us adjourned to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Paragon and had fun enjoying each other’s company. I dragged my tired body home at about 2am, extremely tired because my day started early… but you bet, I was REALLY happy. I have no idea how dear Gordon, Adrian & Zi An can still have the energy to play Counterstrike at Cineleisure after everyone else went home! 😀

I’m grateful that I’m blessed with truly wonderful friends who understand that though I’m not always physically by their side, I’m still there for them, nonetheless and if they ever need me, I’ll surely be there.


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