First off, I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the Mighty Magic Factory family… this little green guy has had an associate on Earth for a long time already. Meet Kermit the Frog’s best buddy, Zorko the Alien from Outer Space! 🙂

“I come in PEACE… you leave in PIECES!” *evil laugh* Muahahahahaha…

It was simply brilliant because Zorko arrive this morning, a few short hours before our slated professional photoshoot at the photography studio! Okay, so he didn’t quite step out glamorously from a nice shiny space shuttle… it was more like the padded carton box at but hello… earth to you, Zorko’s really an alien PUPPET! *grin*

Anyways. The little green guy’s just the cutest puppet (sorry Lola… sorry Tuffy!) I’ve ever played with and his eyes are just so delightful – they’re completely adjustable, just like his arms and fingers! Zorko is such a cutie!!!

A homesick Zorko sniffs “I… want… my… Mummy…”

We actually got Zorko specially for Agent81 but I was completely hogging him to myself during the entire ride to the photo studio. Heh. Our dearest alien friend had fun too, waving enthusiastically at people (“Earthlings!”) who drove by. A taxi driver had his mouth wide open when Zorko gave him a very cheerful wave and grin. I didn’t know of course, I was just looking out in front. The entire time. Really. Minding my own business.


Ning in love… Zorko in fright… *LOL* How was I to know he’s allergic to “cooties”?

Captain Amazing with Zorko… “ATTENTION!” *stands straight*

Zorko does an impersonation of a Japanese businessman… “BANZAI!

Zorko with his rightful owner, Agent 81!

Zorko does an uncanny impersonation of Agent 81! Now all he needs is a suit!

Right. We also have other new friends of course, just like KoKoNut the Monkey… who is sometimes Jamaican and he ran away from the Singapore zoo! He’s completely hyper (just on air), so that’s why Will had to tie him up in ropes (something your typical every day professional escape artist brings along in his bag, along with handcuffs and locks, don’t ask me why).

Anyways, that’s yours truly with KoKoNut… and Shawn, I mean, Captain Amazing! Magic Babe would have popped by to the photoshoot but she’d already made an afternoon appointment with her bikini waxer.

KoKoNut and his adoptive “parents”…

KoKoNut tries to look Japanese like Zorko in the dorky glasses, but somehow ends up looking very much like Hitler. I think he’d done the German soldier salute if he wasn’t all tied up… Ah-choo! “Gesundheit!” Why, thank you!

You’ve already seen Captain Amazing’s wise-cracking side-kick, Kenny the Friendly Chicken (KFC for short) so now say “HELLO” to Adeline’s… uhm… Kinetic Gal’s latest puppet – Danny the Cucumber Boy!

It’s not easy growing up as a kid when everyone thinks you’ve got an orange sponge ball for a nose!

Just as nimble with his hands like Kinetic Gal, Danny does some wicked ball manipulation and juggling too *grin*

Kinetic Gal looking all pretty and dolled up 🙂

Kinetic Gal with her lovable friends, Crash & Danny!

Captain Amazing with Tuffy and Kenny… the Friendly Chicken!

Sherman Tang aka Agent 81 smiles for the camera, along with Zorko & Sparky the Light Bulb *grin* He’s our awesome glow-in-the-dark idea generator!

Will took his new 2008 Concept:Magic promo shots as well. Just check out the crazy amount of cuffs the man has on. They’re REALLY heavy!!! That’s J C helping him out with the styling for the shoot.

Nice “bling bling”, yo!

And when it was all over (stay tuned for the family picture ready in the next couple of days… it’s REALLY sweeeeeeeet!!!), Ade & I just had to play around with the backdrop, since it’s not every day I get to dress up like this! *grin*

You’re looking at two hot creatures…
Yes, the air-conditioning wasn’t working. LOL!


I can’t wait…. Our website goes “LIVE” next week!!! *grin*


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