Rubber band guns with big bags of ammo!

Today’s the FUNNEST Boxing Day (that’s what they call the day after X’mas if you didn’t know *grin*) ever. Still reeling in the festive mood, the 5 of us turned the entire magic studio into a war zone this afternoon (funny how our big illusions and bulky cases can shape the different ‘terrains’) waging a blood-thirsty war involving… DEADLY rubber bands of death!

J C, Sherman & I formed a team with only one weapon each, while Shawn & Will formed another team but they had two big weapons each. Joseph was supposed to join them but he had to leave early to settle something at his new office.

Anyway, prior to that, J C was loading a gun near me when it fired out a rubber band, hitting me square in the stomach. At that close range and sharp angle, it really did smart 😦 And it left a slight bump and a red patch too!!!

I have an “abusive”/ very careless boss… *sniff*

Anyways, it was a really fun de-stresser. The only downside to it after the game’s over is to go around the entire area to pick up all the rubber bands used as ammunition. Actually, there were 2 very memorable rounds, the first was when our team was frustrated with Shawn and Will not quite playing fair.

They were situated inside the studio while the 3 of us had to creep our way out from the inner office to the studio, the only line of entry being through the curtained doorway but Shawn & Will kept shooting at the entrance making it extremely difficult for us to move out towards them or to even shift to our positions outside.

A moment of brilliance suddenly hit me and I swiftly did a sniper thing on them as J C & Sherman managed to creep their way out. Our office is separated by a partition wall (where my Van Gogh painting hangs) so I propped Will’s chair on my table and did a Mrs Smith on them. Heheheheheh. Call me wicked…

The guys were completely stunned and while I had Will & Shawn occupied, Sherman and J C busted them. LOL. According to them, no one’s ever did a sniper thing ever before and the guys have been playing these office “war games” for years! *GRIN*

The second time was really funny. Just as the guys were busy with each other, I snuck up completely undetected, over to the frontlines of the enemy border (okay, in reality, the giant ATA flight case that blocked and protected Shawn and Will from the rest of us), sliding against the floor like Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment (that’s how J C describes it). Once I had my ready position, I was basically trigger happy because I had them up close at point blank when I stood up.

Shawn got pelted by me in the head several times (well, in my defense, I had to be sure he was dead!) but I unfortunately ran out of ammo when it came to Will so he shot me down. But by then J C had managed to reach Wil’s side with my misdirection and killed off the competition. It was a really good game. The guys commended my guts (and self-sacrifice) and called me a “Female Rambo”, which Will later coined to “Rainbow”. LOL. Sherman had so much fun, he kept asking for more rounds despite the fact that he was supposed to leave for an appointment with his wife!

Oh yes. The Mighty Magic Factory family’s going to be taking new photos the day after. I think it’s going to be so fun, with all our new props, costumes, puppets and stuff. Well, more on that later.

Meanwhile, ahehhehehehehehehehe…I got a brand new photo to show inquisitive relatives (usually from my mom’s side) who always like to ask me that classic “SO, Ah Girl… DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW?” question. Yes, I’m already preparing for next year.


Yes, auntie… uncle… do you want to meet my new boyfriend? Yes, I dumped Mat Sallah (see past blog entry for completely HILARIOUS photo) because I realized he had 12 wives and 35 kids, with 7 grandchildren on the way 🙂 If we get married, I officially become a Grandmother at 25 and that’s not really happening although I do love kids very much.

Meanwhile, meet Charlie… Sure, he looks a lot like “Iron” Will (again) but he’s actually a lot more intellectual looking (oh those sexy eyebrows!) and has a very strong nose which face-reading experts on the internet (who usually charge a lot but are now giving FREE readings because they are very nice honest people and do not really need to make a living), tell me that Charlie’s just got a good nose for funny business!

Isn’t he just soooooooooo handsome? *swoon*

Ta for now, more later!!!


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