A Sunny Christmas Morning

Yes, it’ll never snow in Singapore and I’ve yet to experience it but I hope when I do, it’d be a magical experience. I know there’s Snow City here which allows you to experience a yearly winter wonderland but it’s still artifical, so I’d rather save it up for when it really counts.

I just had to watch Love, Actually again on DVD tonight… it’s really my favorite British movie yet. If you haven’t seen it, please do. I personally guarantee you that you’d love it. Get the uncut version if you can really. It’s a Christmasy movie that touches on the various kinds of love and it never fails to make me sniffle a little but feel all warm and fuzzy inside at the end of the film.

There’s a certain couple in the movie which my heart really cries out for. I won’t say which one 🙂 But I’m sure that anyone who’s seen this film would be able to identify with certain characters & understand/ emphathize with them accordingly.

Anyways. It seems a tad surreal that Christmas is finally here and it’s so amazing how time flies.

Looking back, I realize I’ve grown up some. My perspectives of things have widened considerably, and I’m personally happy with my growth and achievements. This year alone, I have:

1)    Learnt that letting go is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and another person, no matter how sad and painful it can be.

2)    Also realized that sometimes giving is better than receiving, because it makes you a better/ stronger person.

3)    Realized that sacrifice is very crucial though painful, and like how change is never welcomed, it is important for essential improvements and growth.

4)    Reinforced the fact that integrity is SO important. If you lose your principles, you lose respect and eventually, yourself.

5)    Graduated with high distinction for my RMIT Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications degree. Got to wear that dorky hat too *cheesy grin*

6)    Been successful with Magic Boutique, after deciding to make that painful decision earlier in the year to completely drop the prior branding of The Little Magic Shop, which had come a long way.

7)    Pleasantly surprised myself when I untapped my potential in performing magic professionally, making that scary leap from amateur hobbyist magician to “Magic Babe” Ning – J C Sum’s equal on stage doing illusions and more.

8)    Created Mighty Magic Factory a new and extremely unique mid to high-end kids edutainment company that kick-starts operations come 2 Jan 08. I am so excited because I have so much funky plans and ideas for it!

9)    Finally made time for myself to seriously pursue things I’ve always wanted, like playing the (electric) violin, learning French, trying out more complex forms of modular origami, and more.

10)    Appeared on FHM December with a 6 page exclusive on “Magic Babe” Ning! *GRIN*

LOL… yes, I just had to put that in. Sure, there were other publications this year too (Simply Her, Seventeen, Lian He Zao Bao, Lian He Wan Bao, The Straits Times, etc.) but the FHM experience was definitely the most uhm, interesting. Heh.

And I’ve got plenty of things to be so happy about 🙂

My long-awaited gift to myself… Ted Brewer’s (same modern-day luthier who was commissioned by Vanessa Mae to make her funky acrylic “crossbow” electric violin) Vivo Ice has finally arrived from overseas! It’s a really funky pink and has strobbing white LED lights that flash when you play.

It’s a tad heavier than a regular acoustic violin (the normal ones you’d see at any music store) but it’s lighter than the Yamaha ones available here. It’s really special to me, I even got a matching fiberglass case and carbon fiber bow for it, amongst other pretty nifty accessories. Yes, I’m one very HAPPY gal!

My wonderful Uncle Al gave me a Parker pen that’s reeeeeeally nice, he’s always so thoughtful. He really does spoil us (me and my sisters) rotten! I’m not sure of it was just a MGS-gal thing but back in secondary school, my friends and I would pen letters to each other almost every day. Everyone (with good friends) would find notes on their desks in the morning and I always enjoyed that. Now, I guess everyone uses email or MSN, it’s just so impersonal. Mmm. Don’t people write cards or letters just for the heck of it, anymore?

Oh yes, longtime friends of mine like Richmond and Lynn were amazing… taking great pains to drop off their gifts to me. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it 🙂 I got a Fleetwood Mac CD too, which I’ll take a listen to once I’m sick of my current Vanessa Mae one which is still in my laptop like from over a month ago *grin*

I’ll be meeting the Singapore Magic Circle moderators & the “Queenies” (my bunch of gal pals from Uni) shortly. I’m really looking forward to meeting them, and my other merry groups of friends because I’ve got so many presents to give out! LOL. Yes, it’s just the thought that counts because even if I get a pencil, I’d be thankful simply because that friend bothered 🙂 I don’t buy pencils for friends though. Heheh.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone… have a blast! 🙂 Warmest Wishes…


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