It was a fairly easy work day for us this Saturday afternoon, which saw J C doing a charity gig for Make A Wish Foundation (Gurmit Singh was also there as Phua Chu Kang) as it was a young child’s wish to see J C perform his magic and illusions up close and personal. Jun Ming’s recovering from his chemotherapy treatment but he’s one spunky kid!

The audience really loved J C’s multiple fork bending routine and the kids were all asking for souvenirs later. It’s great that we were able to give back to the community, because we really do believe in doing what we can for charities! Ade had a performance to go to later, so we headed to the venue right after.

When evening came, I took a cab down from the studio (ugh, lots of paperwork to finish!) down to Mohd Sultan Road… no, not to the clubs, but to the famous Cantonese restaurant “Ah Yat” which serves delish seafood (Alaska snow crab!) and yummy Chinese cuisine, because it’s Grandma’s birthday bash!

Prior to that, I was asking Ade & J C for pointers on what to get Grandma for her birthday gift. I usually get her health tonics and wondered if there may be better alternatives out there. Ade suggested an infra-red massager & J C suggested a toothbrush and bath towels (?!?!?!?!). In the end, I decided to play safe with a nice red packet. At least she can get whatever she wants… be it a massager, toothbrush or bath towel!

Righty, back to Ah Yat’s… so Grandma didn’t have a DJ spin music, performing magicians or an emcee on stage with a mingling mascot like I did, but it was still a great night. The food was excellent and it’s just nice to be able to hang out as one big family again. It’s a pity some couldn’t make it, like my cousin Alex, who’s still stuck in Australia because of work.

We had fun in between dishes, where my dear cousin Russ (a really smart and good looking boy… just like his dad/ my uncle, though still a tad shy) was able to solve the Rubix Cube puzzle in just under 3 minutes after it was thoroughly mixed up by Winston (my funky eldest cousin who’s quite the clubber). My other cousin, George, is going to be a dad soon! It’s really cool. His wife’s due to give birth in the middle of next year. His brother, Lionel and his wife Jesslyn, just came back from their holiday in Japan and they had a really lovely time!

I’m quite envious because I’ve yet to go to Japan (it really is a place I’d love to visit soon!) and also, I haven’t even had the time to go on holiday this entire year! 😦 We’ve been so busy… even my social life’s taken a serious beating!!! Anyways. Check out the funky pictures Lionel & Jesslyn took when they went to Tokyo Disneyland. It’s such an amazing looking place… I’d love to go on all their rides and eat giant candy floss until I get a toothache *grin*

Donald never looked cuter… Kawaii!!!

I wonder how much it’d cost to rent an office here for Magic Boutique… 😉

Tokyo Disneyland is even more gorgeous at night! …….Sweeeeeeeeeet…

Everyone’s all dressed “to kill” in Harajuku *wry grin*

Seriously, Japanese people can be so warped! *LOL*

I’m glad I didn’t see this giant bunny as a child, else I’d have an acute phobia for fluffy white things as well, besides demented looking evil CLOWNS.

A Japanese traditional wedding… heh, nice socks! 🙂

It’s so cool that they can have the funky Harajuku “manga-loving” kids on one street & the juxtaposition of a traditional Japanese wedding happening down the other with the happy couple dressed in their customary ceremonial gowns.

Traditional dragon dance along the streets, Japanese style. Their handsome dragon is the most beautifully decorated beast I’ve seen, bar none… Just check out the stunning detail!

Japanese toilets are just so high-tech… they’re way more than just your automatic flusher!

Just check out the side-row buttons! It also has music options and an automatic “washer” too, besides other things. Only thing is, the words are all in Japanese!

Right. So after our scrumptious and filling dinner at Ah Yat’s, we decided to all pop over my aunt’s cozy store nearby at Robertson Walk, at her invitation.

Aunty Mindy owns Manhattan Collection, a luxury furniture retail outlet that largely appeals to the expatriate crowd. She very generously gave us a whole bunch of new 2008 desk calendars so I guess I’ll be bringing them to the office for the guys come Monday!

This looks like someone’s classy dining room but it’s really the showroom!

My family looking as if we own the European-imported coach! *grin*

Magic Babe cozies up with her new date, Spike…

Oh yes. Meet the new guy in my life. Spike. Don’t let the macho man name fool you now. Spike’s a very successful yuppie with his own spanking new Porsche and posh up-town penthouse & he helps run his multi-million dollar family business. His father is a regionally famous Thai pimp/ drug lord… er, businessman.

Alright… Okay, I’m just being corny as usual. Hee hee. Sorrrrrrry… This is actually my devilishly good-looking Uncle Dan (aka Dad’s youngest bro). He doesn’t look a day over 30 and I’m sure if he comes along with me to a funky club like Zouk, he’d get hit on by wild things like crazy *wink* He’s actually the very first uncle I told my FHM experience to (months back) and he was so wonderfully supportive… Fancy your uncle validating it for you by saying that being featured on FHM’s a real honor since not every girl gets the opportunity!

Now, you must be wondering… why do I call Uncle Dan, “Spike”? Well. That’s what he calls himself on his mobile phone when you’re trying to locate him on the network via Bluetooth. LOL. Isn’t he just so cool? His wife, my Aunt Madeline is a total babe as well so they really compliment each other.

This picture’s taken by him by the way (and you think I’m the camera-whore!) …looks like we both share the very same cheeky Cheshire cat grin!




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  1. Hmmm, fork bending trick? I think I know how to do that… hehehe… Great to read your diary regularly because it’s very well written and there are heaps of beautiful pictures…

  2. admin

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! *grin*

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