Magic Babe’s SWORD BASKET ILLUSION needs a new home!

Knock, knock… anyone home?

This humble looking illusion plays really big on stage and with it, I’ve already had my dream come through when my all-original take of the sword basket illusion became reality during my theatre show at Triple Actz. So now, I’m just passing it on… Can it help you fulfill your dream? *grin*

A little bit of background history… This is my very first stage illusion, the “Hindu Sword Basket Illusion”, which has been completely re-fashioned with a more comfy heavy black velvet inner lining & specially attached decorative “poison ivy” vines and leaves on the table (recently re-painted and professionally reinforced) which has a deceptive built-in base to make this illusion even better & more striking when performed on stage.

The basket itself’s made by a master basket weaver & the entire set was specially imported from overseas. This comes with four long swords free. The metal edge of these swords have been blunted for complete safety during performance/ rehearsal. It’s practically idiot-proof (no worries if you’re clumsy!) so you don’t actually hurt yourself/ your hapless assistant who’s trapped inside the basket or when twirling the metal blades.

If you’re looking at the actual weapons I used during my Triple Actz performance (see picture above), please make me an offer for them separately *grin* Then maybe I’ll consider letting go of the new customized spear (visually passes all the way through from the top centre core of the basket) and four evil looking swords, as well as, teach you how to use them accordingly.

So please note that I’m only selling the original set (mint condition) which includes the basket, table & 4 swords as mentioned above. The specially customized table packs down flat so transportation is a breeze. With that I still mean you need a decent car… just in case you think you can just simply pop this into your handbag and take the train or bus! *LOL*

Seriously, the only reason why I’m selling my baby is because I don’t see me/ Magic Babe using this anymore on the future. I’m moving on to other illusions as I’m already content to have performed my very own take of this illusion (an idea I had over two years back, inspired by the Lord of the Rings) a few months ago during my theatre show at Alliance Francaise 🙂 Yes, you might not believe it but the basket’s actually roomy enough inside for me to even do a costume change! Those of you who watched Triple Actz would remember this “rebirth” as my opening sequence *grin*

So right now, I’m looking for someone who will find good use for this and will give this Hindu Sword Basket Illusion (a truly fantastic first illusion) a good, loving home! I hope to close this by the end of the year, so if you’re serious, please make me a nice offer via email with “Magic Babe’s first illusion for sale” as the subject header.

Erm. I think I should say this… While I’m really flexible with pricing because I really do not expect anything near the US$500 (not incl. shipping) original pricing of this illusion… lame/ ridiculous prices will not be entertained *wry grin* At least gimme some lunch money to get a somewhat decent new mobile phone, pretty please? 😛 My current one’s dying on me.

Enquiries are welcome too of course. I’d suggest you to do some online research to find out more about this illusion if you’re not already familiar with it & consider aptly if it suits your performance character’s repertoire, unless well, you’re a magic collector of sorts. I won’t be listing this on Magic Boutique’s catalogue so I’ll just be contacting you via email (do leave your name/ contact details too!) accordingly.

Oh yes… My sincere apologies but this is for local sale only, within Singapore. But hey. If you’re cute, I’ll personally throw in a free autographed copy of this month’s FHM when you swing by to pick it up from me, how about that? *wink* Hehe. Honestly, I’d recommend the buyer to come down to the magic studio to pick it up because I’d like to personally run through everything (every single detail, all questions, because I’m meticulous!) unless s/he feel that they don’t need this free “walkthrough”.

Alrighty then, thanks for looking! 🙂

Evil minions in hoods not included.



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2 responses to “Magic Babe’s SWORD BASKET ILLUSION needs a new home!

  1. Magic Babes first magic Illusion—I’m in the US but I would like to see about purchasing your illusion.

  2. admin

    Hey there… thanks so much for your interest, but you’re a month too late, it’s already been sold!


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