Today was a really nice, restful Sunday where I pretty much recharged my spent batteries since there’s no show bookings today. Oh yes, look out for new magic reviews soon… we’ve got quite a few JUICY new items! One really special one I personally like, is Raymond Crowe’s new book – A Wonderful World of Hand Shadows.

Crowe (I’m not sure if he’s related to Russell) is one of Australia’s top entertainers and granted, while his book is not about magic… it really is quite magical. Besides various photographic studies of hand shadows, he also teaches good finger exercises to have your hands and fingers nimble enough since dexterity does play a significant role in being able to stretch and manipulate your digits somewhat!

I found it quite interesting that these featured “fingercises” are similar to how professional puppeteers and violinists warm up their fingers. Anyways, you’ll read my review on that later 🙂

Dinner was really good tonight because I had the luxury of being pampered by my folks who whipped up a really scrumptious spread because I was home. Mom made her wonderful soup as well, and there’s just this delightful quality of good home-cooked food that just expresses love. A silent kind that radiates out its warmth, but you know it’s there though it’s not spoken in words.

I’m really blessed to have such a loving family and I am grateful. Dad was casually asking when my electric violin was coming in and my sisters pulled faces of mock horror at the thought of having to listen to me practice at home, while Mom just raised her eyebrows in amusement as I ‘defended’ myself over dinner, that silent violins wouldn’t wake up the neighbors at 2 in the morning. That’s what the volume controls and earphone plug’s for… heh, modern technology really rocks!

Oh yes, I forgot to update you on my Christmas present to myself… I decided to just go ahead with my #1 choice. My dream machine is really Ted Brewer’s Vivo Ice, something really special because it’s the only acrylic electric violin the whole wide world that is pink and has flashy LED lights that go off when you play it loud. It is truly the yummiest electric violin I’ve ever seen. *sigh*

 Why did I buy it? I just had to have it…Because life is short and I’m worth it. *grin*

Alex was really cool about it, even encouraging me to get a matching pink bow for the Vivo Ice electric violin (actually, I already did) and he also said he’d look out for a matching shoulder rest for me, since he knows that Kun (a very popular brand) already had one in red. Snazzy! Alex is classically trained and one helluva violinist. Interesting thing is, I see obvious parallels with magicians and musicians. We both have the same “the hand is quicker than the eye” thing. It’s just a blur looking at his left hand moving with such speed and precision on the violin’s narrow, tapered bridge!

Now, most classically trained violin players (what more about coaches) would simply scoff at the electric violin for obvious reasons; pretty much like how old-school magicians scoff at those who do “street magic”. So Alex is a rare breed who’s open-minded enough to think the electric violin is cool though he’s never handled one before as he’s only taught and played jazz & classical. He’s kinda like J C, who’s trained in the “traditional/ classic/ right” method but he’s able to adapt and re-invent his magic and himself, accordingly to suit different styles.

I wonder if Vanessa Mae receives lots of flack from other violinists, for her choice of instrument and flashy performing style. She must have, since there may be purists who think she hurts the art but really… she must be doing something right obviously, because it shows in the numbers!

Her concert ticket sales & music CDs are doing extremely well and she’s created so much more interest in violin music than any other modern professional violinist today, PLUS, Vanessa Mae’s got a more-than-healthy bank account. More than anything, the negativity she receives probably comes from other violin players who are jealous of her commercial success. I say… you go girl!!! 🙂

Coincidentally, Ted Brewer, who was commissioned to make Vanessa Mae’s signature “crossbow” electric violin, is the very same modern day luthier (based in the UK) who came up with the Vivo Ice… the electric violin I’m getting! The latest EV baby on the market, the technology behind this new electric violin is just amazing. This beautiful monstrosity is a different creature from the classic violin, very different indeed!

Gosh, I can’t wait for it to arrive!!!! 🙂



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  1. wow, just reading your violin entry gets me really excited! That Vivo Ice is a killer! i’m a newbie picking up my violin again after a hiatus of many years :))

  2. admin

    Thanks, yes, she’s a beaut… expensive but definitely worth every penny! Violin music is magical and in fact, The Red Violin is a film I truly enjoy! You should check out the movie soundtrack if you haven’t already 🙂

    All the best to your intimate journey with the violin!


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