This evening saw us at Shangrila performing a massive full illusion show for Ferrari Club’s Charity Gala Dinner. We had REVO-LLUSION up again and the crowd really loved J C and I. The setting was pretty intimate so even though I was up on stage, they could clearly see everything I did, like my Straightjacket Striptease… they loved it!

We also got fantastic applause for our Light & Space illusion, which saw me visually disappear into another dimension and get brought back by J C *grin* I could see their emotions written on their faces. Gasps could be heard when J C revealed that I’ve completely vanished and when I re-appeared magically, I noticed the stunned/ shocked/ extremely surprised faces. There was a lady who sat really close to the stage and her mouth was hanging wide open. Nice 🙂

REVO-LLUSION, our massive illusion which first made its debut a little at Leisure Park mall’s opening early this month, was our closing illusion for the night. Standing at a striking 8ft+, it’s truly a thing of terrifying beauty. The gentleman I got on stage had fun checking everything out as I lead him around this legitimately dangerous giant industrial fan.

When J C did his incredible passage through the fan’s massive metal blades, the crowd simply cheered. It was the loudest I heard them, throughout the entire event! It was a great show and the otherwise muted ‘atas’ crowd was more than happy to cheer for us when we took our final bow.

It was another great show and I felt proud because Magic Babe was really J C Sum’s equal on stage, not an easy feat since J C’s been doing this for so long. I’m lucky I’ve got a great teacher 🙂  We all left past midnight (completely exhausted!) and while I was taking a much needed water break, I took a couple of pictures of the guys packing down the huge props so everything could fit into the professional transport vehicle we always hire to bring around all our huge, bulky stuff, when we have our full illusion shows…


However, my favorite picture of the evening, is really of this sweet red thing…


Hey Santa, I’ve been a reeeeeeally good girl all year! *ahem* Hint, hint!


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