The COOLEST Aussie couple I know!


I’ve been totally swamped with work (when you’re your own boss, it just never ends!) but I just HAD to talk about professional magicians, Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster. They are truly the COOLEST Aussie couple I know *grin* I’ve always greatly respected their contributions to magic and recently, I had the great honor of them visiting this humble magic blog… with Sue-Anne even leaving me a comment on one of my entries! 🙂

They’re really amazing folks, extremely down to earth, and Sue-Anne is like a wonderful big sister to me now… She makes a gorgeous Jeannie, doesn’t she? I think the woman is just HOT! 🙂 Tim Ellis is one lucky guy. Very, very lucky indeed.

Anyways, Sue-Anne & I were chatting about work, and the unfortunate (UGLY!) politics that inevitably plague the magic circles too because of professional jealousy and then some. It’s just so fantastic that we’re all on the same page!

Tim & Sue-Anne have a really great website too, called MAGIC FAKERS which can be seen here. Just like me/ Magic Boutique, they’re a 100% against magic piracy because it’s just not fair to the originators! Seriously. These poor makers have their proud ideas ripped off and what’s even worse is that there are magicians who actually support these bad guys by buying the rip-offs!!!

Please don’t give me that “supply and demand” crap because really, if you put yourself in the shoes of the creators… wouldn’t you just feel sore and angry that your intellectual property has been violated? We had an audition at our magic studio today and we were all appalled that there were quite a few young magicians who had purchased rip-offs of Masuda’s popular close-up effect, “WOW”.

The quality of the prop was nowhere as good as the original and they all came from the same source. It’s really disappointing that it’s sold by a pretty prominent award-winning fulltime magician as “direct from factory” hence the cheaper price, to these young boys who honestly didn’t know any better because they’ve never had the chance to handle the real thing.

When informed that what they had were bootleg copies of Masuda’s “WOW” trick, they were stunned because they trusted this particular magician. I will not mention his name (though I disapprove of what he does, I am still a nice person, despite knowing his gang of people do not like me for obvious reasons) but I feel really sorry that he has resorted to this. So much for setting a good example.

Honestly, I think it’s just so hypocritical because he used to have an online magic forum before it died a natural death & he mentioned in it that supporting piracy is bad. Now, he’s like blatantly promoting it and selling it to youngsters who are none the wiser.


Anyways, just like me (and J C), Tim & Sue-Anne have received a lot of jealous, unjustified flack too because they have strong views on things and the sort of integrity that many people lack these days. It’s simply comforting to find that I’m not alone in this and though sometimes doing the right thing is tough, I’m not alone. Sue-Anne did point out the fact that if people are jealous, you obviously are doing something right with your career. LOL.

By just being themselves and not bending to the pressure of others, they’ve already inspired me much 🙂 Sue-Anne & Tim will also be judges at the upcoming FISM competition in Beijing come 2009 and for you muggles/ non-magic folk out there, well, FISM is quite a big deal. It’s held every 3 years in a different country, very much like the Olympics! *grin*

Speaking about China, the Concept:Magic team might be flying up in Jan 2008 for a huge illusion spectacular. More on that later… Meanwhile, do check out Sue-Anne & Tim’s impressive website (their main one) over here!

Oh yes… hearty congrats to Su Chandran (what a nice Cheshire cat grin!) for winning a whole bunch of brand new Jay Sankey DVDs as one of our currently weekly winners at Magic Boutique! His picture’s just been uploaded online, and we still have some winners who’ve yet to swing by the magic studio to pick up their goodies.

Don’t fret. There are still things to be won in our current Christmas promotions so don’t miss out. You could be a winner! Just click here to find out more.


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One response to “The COOLEST Aussie couple I know!

  1. oooh.. i so wanna win the Sankey 😐
    that’s why i waited for the 1st week of Dec, before i purchased 😐

    darn, not that lucky i guess 😛

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