Christmas is coming :)

Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you walk down the streets and see the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights already up? Cheerful giant candy canes, happy smiling faces on angels and soldier boys who go rumpa-pum-pum? *grin*

Well, I really do love Christmas… I don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense (yes, there’s the gift giving but I don’t go to church anymore) but it sure does feel good walking down the streets and seeing the pretty decorations for the season all up, even though we live in a climate that would never ever snow!

To be honest, I actually used to think Christmas was the loneliest season ever… for people who’re single that is. There’s no one special to snuggle up to or hold hands with while walking down beautifully lit streets.

But I’ve come to realize that hey… why can’t my Christmas still be special? *grin* Afterall, it’s just a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Christmas is also a great time to do some self-reflection. There’s a TON of things I’m really thankful for so my list is pretty long!

Essentially, I’m very thankful for my wonderful family and friends, a wonderful team at work, fantastic customers who have also become friends; and that I’ve also been blessed with good health, as well as, the unusual skills and talents that I have… besides other things *grin* Like, I know I whine a lot about my long hours at work sometimes and that it never ends, BUT I actually am lucky to get to do what I really love… MAGIC!

Another thing I’m really happy about… My MAGIC BABE one-gal stage show video on YouTube has gone past 10,000 views!!! Woo-hoo!!! *Ning does a happy dance* No kidding… and it’s only been up for not too long. This is just so amazingly cool, the number keep jumping! Well, thank you SO MUCH for your support, you know who you are. Please check it out here if you haven’t already & do leave comments and ratings! 🙂

Meanwhile, do check out Shawn’s funny magic clip here. Everything you see was filmed during Triple Actz (which starred Will, Shawn & yours truly). All our 3 promo videos are distinctively different & I’m really proud of the creative conceptualization. It wasn’t an easy process!

Anyways, here’s Ade with her (early) Christmas present from yours truly! *grin* I think she looks great on her new professional unicycle! It’s really no easy task mounting and riding it. It certainly takes some guts & then some!

Magic Boutique’s other tough cookie… Ade!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you haven’t… Well, hurry!!!

Ta for now, more later…


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