Mr Bosss Birthday!

J C turned 31 today!!! We surprised him with a birthday cake (sponsored by the generous owner of Magic Boutique, moi) when he came into the studio today & the guys were supposed to arrange for a professional stripper/ lap-dancer (guess who’s naughty idea that was!) but Will’s foreign Penthouse model friend’s fees were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and we didn’t want to settle for something J C might throw up his breakfast for.

Better safe than sorry, right? Right.

I mean, I’d so hate my friends if they got me a butt-ugly dancer and I have to be at their mercy, putting it in perspective of course! *grin* Shawn was especially disappointed too, that we didn’t manage to get that special birthday present for J C. LOL! What a pity… but at least there’s still the cake!!!

Our very happy birthday boy with his surprise birthday cake!

Yum… chocolate cake that just begs to be eaten…

J C making his wish… knowing him, he’s probably either hoping Santa would give him the latest Transformers collectable toys or a spanking new expensive grand illusion *grin*

What’s a merry celebration without good wine and chocolates? That’s why there’s both! *grin* Candy Empire liqueur chocolates for J C specially from Ade! The guys as usual, are guys, and just did the shake hand-wish happy birthday thing. Tsk!

J C’s been in the industry since forever and has always been very professional, so most people don’t know he’s only 31! Seriously, he’s achieved so much for someone so young… Kudos to the man.

Meanwhile, a sneak peak a local newsstand (on the way to pick up Ade’s new unicycle that’s just really cool and awesome!) revealed that ALL copies of December’s FHM are already sold out!!! And this is like, the first week of the month? *gasp* Well, I think that’s pretty darn cool! 😉 Have you seen Magic Babe’s 6-page spread in FHM yet?

An empty space where FHM Singapore (Dec 07) used to be…

Oh! This is so amazing… my new ‘Magic Babe’ Ning one-gal stage show promo on YouTube has gone past 2,000 views! It’s just so cool and sensational because it’s just within such a short amount of time *big grin* Thanks SO MUCH to all for your support!!!

Your encouragement is so wonderful, it truly gives me wings… 🙂



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2 responses to “Mr Bosss Birthday!

  1. Yessss. you can’t imagine how surprised (and delighted) i was when i chanced upon your spread in FHM. Though i must say that the pictures in fhm don’t do you as much justice as they should… your blog pics are wayyyyy better! anyhow… i know it’s hard work to ‘sit’ for a shoot so they are still very much appreciated!

    oh. the youtube vid is excellent! keep on dazzling us with your magic Ning!

  2. admin

    *grin* Thanks for your vote of confidence, Nick!

    You’re right… The photoshoot with FHM was certainly an experience like no other & it’s not easy posing for photos when there’s an entire team of people working around you, besides the professional photographer! LOL.

    Glad you like Magic Babe’s promo video on youtube. The last I checked, it’s gone way past 10,000 views!!! =)

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