Many people thought I’ve always wanted to be a magician, artist or writer but nothing could be further than the truth… *grin* Maybe it was the books I read when I was a kid and the movies I watched, and maybe… just maybe… it was little Ningy being a hopeless Ninja Turtle fan, but truth was, I always wanted to be an Secret Agent when I grew up.

Heh. Pretty much like what the late Robert Houdini was rumored to have been, I guess. Seriously, it was only upon collecting the new promo photos I just took recently, that all these hilarious childhood memories resurfaced.

Seriously, my mother was always so amused to find Little Ningy, with a coil of “rope” on one side (her sash belt actually), and various “weapons” of sorts. I fondly remember that I also had a white pouch (free gift from Bookworm Club!) which, like Batman’s famous utility belt, held many important gadgets that could free me from trouble and save the petrified citizens (i.e. my entire stuff toy collection). I had a favorite keychain too, which I dreamt to be a magic “switch” of sorts that had fantastic buttons that could open any door or zap bad guys. Now that I remember, I also had a toy lipstick which I imagined it to be some sort of secret laser beam device, which could slice through steel doors and traps! *grin*

Those were the days. There was absolutely no playing with Barbie dolls for this girl! *grin* Anyways… I just thought I’d share my new promo photos with y’all because it did crack me up somewhat. The difference is just so stark, which is pretty darn cool because it just shows how “formidable” Magic Babe is! LOL. Sorry, the word just tickles me.

Anyways, without much further ado… presenting, Agent 011: ‘Magic Babe’ Ning… *pulls out spy file and flips through the pages marked “CLASSIFIED”*

Undercover Name:     Elizabeth Chua

Undercover:         Perky University student reporter

Assignment:     To infiltrate heavily guarded environment & ultimately assassinate the evil headmaster Dr.  X who has also been funding evil, smelly, funny noise making sounds (e.g.”Slurrrrrp”) terrorists so they can get their weapons of mass distraction… er, destruction!

Civilian Hobbies:    Art, photography, film making, music, reading, writing poetry and watching movies

Phobia of:    Yucky insects and creepy crawlies, especially those that can fly!

Favorite Color:    All shades of pink!

Weakness:        Non-existent sense of direction, gets lost all the time

Profile Shot of Elizabeth Chua


Profile Shot of Agent 011 aka ‘Magic Babe’ Ning


Trained in:    Mixed Martial Arts – Japanese Sais (lethal twin daggers) & Maori fire pois. She is also able to stylishly escape from a regulation straight jacket very effortlessly. Passed Assassin 101 Training Course with flying colors. Has many other skills.

Expert in:    Besides being a great conversationalist, she works her magic in mysterious ways & is artfully good in creating different looks for a variety of settings and environments to fit into various crowds according. Nothing is too difficult for this tough cookie!

Enjoys:    Motocross racing, flashy cars, the violin, collecting knives, traveling and taking a walk on the wild side

Favorite Colors:    A simple, complicated woman… she prefers just straightforward Black & White.

Weakness:    Ted Brewer’s artistic electric violins… *major drool factor*

Phobia:        Clowns.

…hehehehe… Sorry to burst your bubble but she’s only human after all right? *grin* It’s a fact… CLOWNS ARE EVIL!!!! Since I was a little girl, I had absolutely no clue as to how or why people would think clowns as entertaining or funny with they’ve such scary pasty painted faces and horrid clothes! Have you seen their ugly, over-sized shoes?!

Yes I clearly have issues. It was a traumatic childhood experience resulting in severe clownophobia *wry grin*

Anyways, no prizes for guessing what’s inside this dubious looking human-sized sack, which as you can see… takes TWO people to lift!

Thank goodness Ade & Shawn are strong enough to help me get rid of the.. uhm… nevermind.

Anyways, just in case anyone asks… We haven’t seen J C for a long, long, long, long time now. Really. No one knows where he’s gone.



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    I find this blog very interesting, i will be here everyday till now. Greetings

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