Presenting a sneak peak at our very special new illusion… REVO-LLUSION!!! Yes, it is a big thing of terrifying beauty isn’t it? *grin* Here’s a glimpse of it from our illusion building workshop (uncompleted initial phrase) first… To see REVO-LLUSION in all its completed glory, swing by to Leisure Park Mall, just next to the Singapore Indoor Stadium, this Saturday!

J C & I will be doing 2 performances, the first at 2.45pm & another at 7pm to officiate the grand opening of the new mall so please feel free to wave “HI” or talk to us if you’re not too shy 😉


Standing at an impressive 8 ft, REVO-LLUSION is extremely tall and hulking. Massive spinning blades of steel that provoke that chilly prickle of fear and danger have always excited me. For the uninitiated, there are somewhat similar fan illusions:

•    David Copperfield’s mysterious FAN illusion – a thing of beauty, it’s such a pity they cancelled out his Asia tour!

•    The very popular WINDSHEAR illusion, designed by Jim Steinmeyer & Andre Kole and performed by dozens of people around the world, like Hans Klok (on World’s Greatest Magic) and Criss Angel (on his Mind Freak TV show)

•    There’s also the scary looking JET ENGINE TURBINE illusion designed by John Gaughan and performed by popular world-class illusionists like Tim Kole and Brett Daniels.

•    Last but not least, there’s also Jim Steinmeyer’s WALKING THROUGH A FAN illusion performed by well-known Vegas illusionist, Steve Wyrick.

However, REVO-LLUSION, our very own version, is unique because it isn’t just a straightforward “penetration” or walk-through effect. This monster actually took 4 months of fabrication & 2 years to perfect its inimitable illusion design and system! Yes, it is big, originally designed by J C Sum & fabricated in-house by our very skillful, professional design team!

…You’re darn right we take great PRIDE in what we do! *grin*

We’ve received more international booking enquiries for the end of the year & early next year, so we might have to work through the festive CNY ‘08 (Lunar New Year) period. But the projects sound really exciting & I really love to travel so it’s all good I guess. The only lament I have is that my social life is severely affected somewhat. SIGH.

Oh, to cheer me up during this extremely stressful peak period, a very thoughtful and understanding old buddy bought me a really sweet sea monster puppet, which I haven’t named yet… or much less decided if the adorably cute cuddly thing is a he or a she 😛 I have a strong feeling that my sea monster’s a girl, but she wouldn’t like a name that’s too cutesy.

Anyways, take a look at us! *hums the theme song from the movie, Happy Together*


…I said look at us, not gawk at the painting of the naked fat woman behind me thank you. That’s a Botero reproduction by the way *grin*

Oh yes, I’d like to heartily congratulate the latest three winners from the on-going weekly lucky draw at Magic Boutique!

Raman Abdullah is the very happy winner of the 2nd week’s draw. As you can see, he takes home a brand new copy of Jeff McBride’s Zoom, Bounce & Fly, as well as, The System by Dan and Dave Buck (special collector’s edition). Well, that’s our handsome grinning customer holding his prized DVDs!

Our 3rd week winner is Wilfred Lau of Malaysia & Magic Boutique’s very recent winner from the last draw is Hendra Tan of Singapore. Their photos will be up soon!

Being the kind, wholesome and generous people we are at Magic Boutique, we have a total of 6 more magic lucky draws to go! Click here to find out what are the juicy prizes we’re giving away weekly (hey, it’s the Christmas season, baby!) and more importantly… how you can be one of the lucky winners. We are giving away more than S$1,200 worth of fabulous magic!!!

Are we nice, or are we nice? *grin*

PS: I’m glad people enjoy reading my blog, especially yesterday’s hilarious entry about the Evil Slurpy Man, but seriously… if I get just one more corny text message on my phone that reads


…I am so gonna scream. Really.

 <– Ning giving the evil eye

Heh. Okie?



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4 responses to “REVO-LLUSION, etc.

  1. sea monsters :

    will you upload REVO-LLUSION to youtube ? i can’t come to the show T_T

    wish the best for you two on the show 🙂

  2. tibetmonk

    Hey Ning, saw the performance by JC and you at Orchid Country Club last night. Simply breath taking, with the striptease straight-jacket and levitation of the table by JC, unbelievable. How did he do that?? (not that I want to noe as it will cost me a bomb and take me half a lifetime to learn that 🙂 ANyway, good job guys and looking forward to see many more performances from you again!


  3. admin

    tibetmonk – Glad you like our show! *grin* I just saw your latest comment, yes we’d love the photos you took that night! We’ve been really busy & I haven’t been able to update my blog as fast as I’d like but there’s always work priorities! Do check out & for updates as J C writes updates for the latter almost every day! Do wave a “HI” when you see us next, it’d be nice to chat with you! 🙂

  4. admin

    qureyoon – Thanks for the name suggestions. The guys wanted to call my seamonster “SPIKE” but I was thinking she should be called “LOLA” since she makes cute little squeaky noises! Anyways, the show went GREAT and we just performed REVO-LLUSION again just last week for Ferrari! See our corporate website for updates, we may just release a YouTube video soon! 😀

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