Duda Paiva Puppetry & Dance Masterclass

What a fabulous day it is. Last evening saw J C & I perform a specially customized illusion show for Tetra Pak’s grand 25th Anniversary at Suntec City, which was very well received. It was hosted by everyone’s favorite radio personality, the Flying Dutchman. He’s such a cheeky dear, mentioning Magic Babe’s FHM feature in December, just before I hit the stage!

Ugh… FD!!!

Oh, I also met Anita Sawarak (Singapore’s song diva now based in Las Vegas) in the posh women’s dressing room too. But today, yes today… gosh… it was such a whirl!!!

Eduardo is a god, a real master in his craft. Shawn & I had an AMAZING time today at his intensive Masterclass session that only held a very limited number of participants. We had great fun learning Eduardo’s methods but it was the philosophy he shared with us, on how to truly breathe life in the puppets you animate, which I found the most fascinating. There is much psychology and understanding involved in it, so not just merely moving your handing inside the glove, if that’s what you think of puppetry *wry grin*

It’s pretty much like magic. It’s not rocket science to be able to do a “trick” but it’s creating that pure wonder from the sincere suspension of disbelief… now that takes real mastery. Eduardo leaves Singapore soon, so this Masterclass we attended was really a gem! 🙂  Heh. I just love the way he says my name in his accent!

The 4 of us smiling for the camera
L – R: Kenny the Friendly Chicken (KFC), Shawn, Eduardo & yours truly! 🙂

I still find it so amazing how the very same puppet can take on different personalities and characters when being manipulated by different artists. Same Kenny, different chicken all together! With Eduardo, Kenny becomes coy and gentle. Shawn makes Kenny obnoxiously rude in a funny way & with me, Kenny becomes very curious and cheeky. All extensions of our individual selves somewhat, in different lights!



The Masterclass session with Eduardo was an amazing one for both Shawn & I, especially since we do take this very seriously and inspire to push ourselves to be the best we can be 🙂  I wished Ade was with us… I’m sure she’d enjoyed herself and found the Masterclass extremely beneficial and rewarding.

The man’s a fantastic veteran puppeteer (in case you didn’t know, Eduardo’s the very same artist who performed the award-winning intense act, Angel) and a truly wonderful teacher. I think it’s very essential that one never stops learning or allow themselves to reach a level of complacency. Just check out what this creative genius (a trained ballet dancer!) has done to elevate the art of puppet theatre!

Morningstar is about the birth of a demon in Hell and Eduardo cleverly created a monster using the Siamese concept (where the puppet also shares he manipulator’s body) and it unfurls from a small baby to an enormous thing of great terror which towers over him.


The Duda Paiva team actually creates their very own puppets from blocks of special foam to achieve that desired texture of lightness for manipulation. Pass me that carving knife! LOL. Seriously, it’s just so enriching! Anyways, hopefully we get to take Eduardo out for drinks before he leaves Singapore!

I love his understated shirt! It reads “Challenge My Intuition” 🙂 Nice.

And Shawn’s t-shirt says “Imagination is More Important than Knowledge” 😛
What’s up with all these clever slogans?! *grin*

Oh yes. There was an actress who just came back from Australia (a very gorgeous babe called Julie) and joined the Masterclass as well & she came up to me after the session was over to chat with me. Turns out, I know her Dad …and dear ole Philip (he made the news recently on his decision to leave his company, IKEA, because he wanted to retire early) had been telling his family all about me, his feisty young friend who’s Singapore’s only professional female magician. LOL!

Anyways, when we were done with Duda Paiva’s Masterclass, Shawn left to go car shopping (…sweet!!) & I went off for my new photo-shoot before meeting J C in town to run some errands for work and get some things settled. So much to do, so little time! *gasp* …Sometimes it’s just a blur & I just wish I could clone myself!

Guess who! 😉

We were leaving Toys R Us, when J C & I walked by a pushcart selling traditional Asian candy. The lady at the stall was selling dragon beard & ting-ting-tang. J C asked if I’d tried the latter before and I laughed. It was only something I’d read about in history books… Seriously. I doubt anyone from my generation ever had the luxury of growing up with this sorta traditional sweets!

So well, I got a little treat from Mr. Boss, who bought me a bag of ting-ting-tang aka Tock Tock Candy. It’s quite interesting, maybe it grows on you because it’s quite the acquired taste. But remember NOT to chew or bite into them, as tempting as it is! 😛 They may look like bits of fluffy marshmallow but they’re actually rock hard! I’d call them Chinese Nougats!


After a quick dinner, we headed off to meet Will (aka “Iron” Will!) at our illusion building workshop, where our dear Mr. Houdini was over-looking the construction of our latest baby. Yes. It’s a big thing of terrifying beauty *grin*

I’m really excited about this honestly. We’ve got a brand new, KICK@SS illusion coming up, called REVO-LLUSION. An original design by J C, this spanking new grand illusion debuts next week and no one, NO ONE else in this part of the world has anything like it 🙂  Well, more about that later *wink*

Oh. I just made a new friend, a really smart & very interesting guy by the name of Alex, who’s a very passionate musician. He’s currently pursuing his PhD (yes, Alex is a real academic smarty-pants!) and speaking with him (he’s so not your typical Singaporean man), I’ve come to realize that magic and music share much common ground.

Seriously, the two are acutely similar in the sense that there is so much psychology involved and one’s life experience can really add a great deal of texture to his/her performance – technical bits aside, because that’s all about disciplining yourself to practice and rehearse! Also, dexterity is a plus. Especially the fingers.

Turns out, we have a friend in common – Min Lee, one of Singapore’s best violin talents *grin* In MGS, we sat next to each other and always went for recess together. That was before she moved abroad to further her violin training. LOL. I can’t believe it… Singapore’s just so small. We’re all so connected!!!

Anyways, I’m looking for “new blood” so to speak. Fresh talents that is… LOL 😉 No, last I checked I’m not a vampire (though Mom always nags that I live like one). Anyways! Do check out my post in Singapore Magic Circle for more details about it and hey, seriously… if you think you fit the bill, don’t hesitate to contact me. I mean, everyone knows I don’t bite.

I just nibble.



Sorry, that’s Magic Babe speaking! *grin*

Oh, a piece of fantastic news! Magic Boutique has hit well over 1,000 unique visitors this month alone. It’s fantastic that people actually like this place and we’re getting such high traffic. Well, we’re not just an online magic shop – we’re so much more. Anyways, please look around the main website (updated every day!) & check back soon! *grin* Our humble staff are always here to serve ya!

Another thing that I’m really happy (overjoyed actually) is that my Magic Babe 2008 promo video on YouTube has received over 500 views thus far …and it’s only been up for 3 days! *big grin* That’s a really healthy response! Thanks so much for checking it out & many, many thanks to those who bothered to give a positive rating. It’s truly much appreciated!!! 🙂  There’s a couple of spam & lame/ uncalled for comments (deleted obviously) but I don’t let these pathetic losers get to me. Never have.

Anyways, if you haven’t yet seen my one-gal stage show magic video, check it out here!


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