You got that right… It’s a “date” because none of the other guys wanted to watch Angel by Duda Paiva Puppetry & Dance, at the Arts House with me this evening *wry grin* Anyways, I’m dragging Shawn for the Master Class workshop later this week because I think that’s going to be fun as well.

Earlier in the day, I had a meeting with the (very creative and easy-going!) people who created Record Breakers on Kids Central because well, we’re doing something with them. Duh! *grin* It was a very good meeting and I had fun doing my magic presentation to them. Shawn amused them as well with his KFC (Kenny, the Friendly Chicken)… they even took photos of him and the lively chicken puppet!

After a CRAZY day at work, J C & I drove down to town and had dinner at Timbre (love the music and the food!) before heading to the Arts House to catch the play, which is part of the on-going Singapore Visual Theatre Festival 2007. If you didn’t know, Angel won many awards including the Mastery in Animation & Best Artistic Talent at the Festival Baj Pomorksi 2005 in Torun, Poland.

The Arts House had a rather funky display near the Box Office, exhibiting drawings, sketches, designs and posters of the puppetry showcases.

J C thinking he could do a better doodle than that

Me knowing I can do a better doodle than that

Me considering signing up as a member in this very interesting community.
SM surprises”… *raises eyebrow* Nice.
The strangest pamphlets you find at the leaflet corner!

Oh yes. The festival theme, “Objects of Love and Desire”, reflects not only the objects moved and manipulated on stage, but also the objectives the characters in the performances long and reach for. The aim’s to create theatre that opens up audiences to different ways of seeing and understanding objects, symbols and signs so as to enrich their experience of the world around them. Well, IMHO, Singaporeans have a long way to go! *grin*


I just felt Angel was something really artistic & creative, well worth a check out! Indeed, it was an INTENSE solo performance that was a marvelous combination of dance, puppetry, music, light and sound that intrigued till the very end. It’s rather dark and freaky though, so if you thought it’d be a “fluffy” puppet show, well sorry sweetie… you’re dead wrong. Angel is pretty much what Neil Gaiman’s critically-acclaimed Sandman is, to the “comic” world. It has many deep layers in the story. It is art and nothing shallow or frivolous.

A professional himself, J C easily recognized that Eduardo de Paiva Souza is an extremely experienced and mature performer. It’s amazing how he so professionally manipulates the puppet – you’d really believe the Angel came to life! *grin* The suspension of belief is a great thing & this talented artist merges the art of body manipulation as well with his contemporary dance techniques. I loved the mise-en-scene & lighting design as well. Sweet! 🙂

After the show, as we were filing out, someone recognized the both of us and actually said “HI”. Apparently he’d seen J C in his on-going Magic In Motion street illusions series & he remembered reading my article in Lian He Zao Bao not too long ago *grin* So he commented that it’s such a happy coincidence that we both “know each other”. Well, we work together! LOL. Seriously, the magic community here isn’t all that big & let’s not even talk about the serious professionals…

Speaking about magic, if you haven’t yet checked out my 2008 Magic Babe promo video currently up on YouTube, what are you waiting for?!?!?!?! *LOL* Just kidding. Please, do watch it & feel free to let me know what you think. Constructive comments are always appreciated *grin* Crank up your speakers then click here to watch Magic Babe in action! 🙂

Creating it was a labor of love and no easy process but I’m really happy and proud of the final result. Thanks for taking time to check it out. Cheers!


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