SMC Chalet @ National Service Resort and Country Club

Singapore Magic Circle’s informal 3-day chalet started today & Magic Boutique, being their generous patron of sorts, provided over $500 worth of magic goodies as sponsorship & I also threw in a big bottle of Absolut Vodka free, just for the heck of it *grin* Uncle Bob was there to give a magic lecture on cups and balls, 3 card monte, the classic 3-shell game, and more. The rain didn’t stop (that killed my plans to catch some sun and lounge by the pool) but we didn’t allow any precipitation to dampen our sprits during the barbeque!

That’s Shade and the boys trying to get the fire started in the drizzle! It’s such a deja-vu moment for me really, because last year around the same time, I was the one cooking in the rain at the SMC barbeque! Adrian & another guy were holding umbrellas over me while I was frantically barbequing the food so the others (and guests!) had some decent chow to eat! I was practically soaked by the rain and would have been shivering if not for the hot coals 😛 Not a very glamorous sight at all. LOL!



Whenever Shawn tells me a corny joke now, I’m so gonna remember this…


Thank goodness we had good ole, reliable Bernard (one of my very, very good friends) to save the day. A savvy trader by day, the man’s Shatec trained so don’t mess with his super-duper culinary skills! *grin* Look at how nonchalant he is doing the flipping & cooking while yakking on the phone with his wife 🙂 Love his t-shirt!


Bern made fantastic chicken wings and hotdogs but to me, no BBQ is ever complete without… toasted marshmallows!!! YUM! 😛


I don’t know why the fire looks a strange bluish purple here instead of red. But granted, the toasted marshmallows were really YUMMY *grin* I had more of that than chicken wings or hotdogs… hee hee 🙂

We had the magic auction after that and everyone went home happy… Magic Boutique had its $1 magic auction (everything going at just ONE dollar) with all proceeds going to Singapore Magic Circle, so more fun events like this can be organized since it’s a non-profit group anyways.

When that was all over (Axl & I really had fun being the casual auctioneers), Uncle Bob took over with his magic lecture. He certainly stunned those who haven’t seen his magic before *grin* No doubt, my godfather’s certainly one of the best close-up workers here in Singapore. A veteran in magic, he has over 30 years of experience! 😉 If you look closely at the picture, you can see at least 2 impressed guys with their mouths wide open LOL!


There was the usual magic jamming and discussions later & uhm well, someone actually brought along his copy of December’s FHM and requested me to autograph it for him *sheepish grin* That prompted people around to check out Magic Babe’s FHM interview. Heh. Magic Babe is officially the FIRST magician to appear in Singapore’s leading man’s magazine! Anyways. That’s Jerome & Axl taking a look at the 6-page exclusive.


Fine, because I’m nice… here’s a bit of a sneak peak of “Magic Babe” Ning in FHM. Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? 😉 Anyways, while you’re at it, feel free to check out my brand new promo video for 2008 on YouTube right now @

Why’s your mouth hanging open..?

Anyways, I’d loved to stay overnight at the SMC chalet but there’s just so much work to clear tomorrow (paperwork… grah!!!!) and a presentation with some folks for a Kids Central project so I was lucky good ole Matt offered me a ride. It was still raining and it wasn’t exactly easy to get a cab from the chalet itself. His BMW is truly the cutest car I’ve ever sat in… bar none! Before I left, I had a very meaningful conversation with Bernard who’s really like a protective big brother to me. I’m really glad I’ve got him as a friend because he’s not judgmental at all but very wise and discerning. He’s very objective and that’s good.

Bern, if you’re reading this, I’m taking your advice. Thanks for always being there for me  🙂  Hugs!


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