Dec 2007 FHM is out

I blogged about it some time ago but anyways, yes, Magic Babe is featured in this December’s FHM issue, which is now available nationwide! It’s a gorgeous 6-page feature interview in Singapore’s best-selling man’s magazine styled in a strongly vivacious way where uhm… well… you’d never have seen Magic Babe before.

Her regular costume on stage sees her all covered-up but this FHM photoshoot is really THE BOMB. I’ll personally give you 50 bucks now if you can show me a sexier magician from Singapore. LOL!

Right, you must be wondering why I’m speaking in 3rd person *rueful grin* That’s simply because it was an interview with Magic Babe and was solely her answering all those cheeky questions. It wasn’t an interview with me aka Miss Ning of Magic Boutique/ Singapore Magic Circle. No, I’m not schizophrenic or suffering from a strange split-personality disorder thank you, it’s simply just how I objectively segregate the different facets of my work  🙂

I received many emails, calls and messages about it (thank you, you know who you all are 🙂 ) …many thanks for that vote of confidence *grin* I’d dare say doing this spread for FHM’s certainly one of the boldest things I’ve ever done in my life.

The funny thing was, Boon was the very first person to tell me about it in the afternoon when she got hold of a copy that was just hot off the press. Lee Choo, Olivia & Boon were riling about it over the phone, it was quite overwhelming. LOL. I tried getting a copy immediately, but the places I went to only had the current November issues. It was only after dinner with Mayling at Garden Slug that we managed to find a December issue of the popular magazine… finally!

I didn’t dare to sneek a peak at the CHEERS petrol kiosk so I popped back into her car and timidly flipped to the page ….and promptly, almost fainted.

Mayling was just tickled by my relief I guess, because so many people had said so many different things after seeing me in December’s FHM that I honestly didn’t know what to expect… from saying they found it provocatively sexy but still very tasteful (???), to them not realizing my “sweet figure” hidden under all the clothes I wore (okay, fine, anyone wanna sponsor Magic Babe some nice clothes?), to Magic Babe looking like a feisty Zhang Ziyi & an Asian version of Angelina Jolie even. Hmmm. I just thought it looked like Magic Babe in glam lingerie, lor.


The FHM guys are really awesome people & they really are professionals who took great care of me so it was truly a blast working with them on the shoot. I found the photos of Magic Babe to be actually pretty good (heh… even if I do say so myself) and no other girl got so many pages! *grin* Also, they didn’t do any lame-o captions in my feature. Thank goodness.

In the late evening while Mayling and I were at Clarke Quay chilling out, J C texted to tell me that he was happy his name was mentioned a couple of times in my 6-page FHM interview. Mr Boss then jested if he could say that he was featured in the magazine as well, since we had a nice group shot featured on the FHM editor’s page that had him in it too *rolls eyes* LOL! 🙂

Please support Singapore’s only professional female magician now and grab a copy of December’s FHM today!
*grin* Thanks much!


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