Meeting the gals after work :)

This evening saw J C and I perform our half hour illusion show at the SAF Yatch Club for a 500+ strong audience (an international mix!) and it was honestly a bit of a challenge because of the rather unorthodox seating arrangements. Still, we managed to reach out to them effectively and they were WOWed by our magic and contemporary presentation, despite a couple of technical glitches during our segment *grin*

Before we left the venue, the programme event producer came to tell us that we did a great show but more importantly, to me at least, it was how the hearty crowd reacted to us… Woo hoo! 🙂  Honestly, as an artist, nothing makes me happier.

The show ended close to 10pm and it was a bit of a mad rush for me afterwards, to head over to town to meet the girls. My much beloved university all-girl clique… Nat, Mabes, Zann & Spanky were waiting for me at our usual haunt at Peranakan Place in Orchard Road.

Apologizing about being so late because I’m like practically married to my work right now, I bought a round of drinks for everyone *sheepish grin* Well, I’m really happy to see the girls again… Presenting the darling Queenies!


L-R: Nats, Spanky, Zann, yours truly & Mabes 🙂

Everyone’s all swinging single except Nat who’s getting married to Luke, her charming Mr. Right next June (at the very swanky Raffles Hotel!) & Spanky who’s landed herself a really super sweet guy who practically spoils her silly with holiday ski trips to New Zealand and all.


L: Spanky and I sharing a moment after not seeing each other for so long. She’s left Versace and is now working for Mediacorp. One thing I really love about Spanky is her very special (and very different) mindset. Take for instance, Mabes was talking about how it must be so uncomfortable to have big boobs because of the weight; it’d be so difficult to run and it’d eventually lead to severe back problems. Spanky then very matter-of-factly, in her wise way, advised “…then, don’t run lah!” 😛 Problem solved. So. Moving on!

R: Playful spunky girls that we are, that’s Nats & I being shameless camera-whores *grin* Affectionately, we call each other N1 & N2 (Nats & Ning!) and it still tickles me on how we actually thought we had a good chance for Amazing Race Asia. The guys at work can attest to my non-existent sense of direction and Nat’s just so delicate!!! It’s a good thing our audition DVD wasn’t selected, we would NOT have made Singapore proud because more likely than not, we might be the first team booted off the reality show. Heh.


L: Mabes & I minding our own business, completely oblivious to Nat’s happy snappy camera. The youngest in the group at just 22, Mabe’s doing pretty well at her new job in DDB, a famous advertising agency.

R: Er, what’s there to say really… Citrus fruits are really good for ya? 😉

Our very zany YA-YA SISTERHOOD!
*Spanky’s not in the pix because she’s the genius at work, behind the camera!

Nat screams while I whistle and Zann looks like she got punched in the face

Okay, I really don’t know what Mabes is looking at or why Zann is pointing at my chest…

Mabes is honing her miming skills (why do ALL mimes always find themselves stuck in invisible boxes?!) and I think Nat seriously misses Halloween, it very subtly shows in her body language. Heck, we must ALL go for Zouk’s 2008 Halloween party together!!!

Sassy fun-loving girls and a whole lot of drinks at Rouge equals…

Mabes doing a giggly Catwoman-meets-Wong Fei Hong! 🙂

A very (high and) happy threesome! *grin*

Totally impromptu like the rest, this photo looks like Nat & Mabes are just about to cut off my hair… LOL!

🙂 Not forgetting the typical ‘Friendster’ shots… You know, the classic 1-2-5?

Everyone do the “ONE”…




….“FIVE”!!!! 😉


Yes, I know… we can be SO TOTALLY CORNY when we want to be. Is it a crime?  *grin*

It was really awesome meeting the girls again & it was about 2am when we finally called it a night. You know how girls are, there’s just so much to talk about (the best push-up bras, boys, girls, work, ex-s, boys, girls, toys, etc.!)  I’m thankful that I’m blessed with such kind, genuine friends who are just so supportive and encouraging about my dreams and what I do. I really think that they’re a real treasure, these babelicious gals… Sincere friendship is truly so important to me & yes, I firmly believe that my life would be so stale without this fantastic bunch!

It was warm hugs all around before we jumped into our respective cabs and sped back home since it’s a regular work day tomorrow. Every moment spent with each other was just really special 🙂 We might be meeting up again on Sunday to catch a flick together – Lust, Caution which stars the sinfully talented and devilishly good looking Tony Leung who totally captivated me in 2046’s heart wrenching prequel, In the Mood for Love. His deep, soulful eyes are just liquid magic.

Anyways. Lucky Zann had a mysterious guy friend who so very specially came all the way to town just to pick her up and send her back home safely *hiaks* She bashfully commented that it’s just a friend, but hey, who knows… One thing I’ve learnt in my few short years on earth, is that really… Life can be so unpredictable! 😉

But then, that’s where all the fun is, isn’t it? *grin* We’re livin da vida loca!!!


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