Sherman’s big day! :)

First off, I’d like to congratulate Luther… as Magic Boutique’s first week’s winner of our ongoing weekly lucky draw (see main page for details), he took home Richard Osterlind’s latest release… a solid 3-volume DVD set entitled "No Camera Tricks" for FREE. Here’s a picture of our very satisfied customer with his gift from us kindly, generous folks at Magic Boutique (worth over S$100), at our magic studio *grin*

…What can I say, Luther’s got a really great smile!  🙂

Oh yes… one of our guys got hitched last week and had his grand wedding dinner at Orchard Parade Hotel in town. Coincidentally, it’s the same exact location of the last wedding I went… which was about a month or two ago *wry grin* Quite uncanny I’d say… It was also at the very same ballroom!

Anyways, our dear Sherman (winner of SMC’s recent Legerdemain magic competition) was really cute. He sent text messages to everyone the evening before, reminding us about his big day & to be on time. We were all punctual as usual but at the end, we still had to wait for over an hour because as usual, guests took their time to be (severely and unfashionably) late and the wedding dinner started close to a tardy 8.30pm. ZZZZZZZ. Seriously, being held up is really my #1 pet peeve.

The bride was truly gorgeous and someone commented that she looked like Jean Danker, a well-known local radio personality  🙂  I say, she just looks spectacular… because really… which woman wouldn’t shine on her wedding night? She’s the STAR! *grin* They looked the happy couple of course, and I felt so happy for them! My buddy Sherman’s a really great guy  🙂  he’s pretty much a straight girl’s dream guy, I guess… he’s got a stable job, he’s responsible & reliable, he’s pretty smart and he’s got a good personality. Not a bad catch indeed *wink*

A couple of saccharine sweet photos of our blessed, happy couple…


Sherman’s quite the impressive champagne popper! He seemed so experienced handling the cork, unlike some of the grooms I’ve seen who look so sheepish because they have difficulty opening the bottle on stage *guffaw*


"YUM-SENG!!!" … A cheery toast for happiness and more! 🙂  No Chinese wedding dinner is complete without this. LOL.


And er… well, here’s Shawn & Will sharing a "moment" again. *wry grin* With their passionate public display of affection, these 2 lovebirds just make me sick. I mean, jealous. Heh. I guess dessert tastes a lot sweeter when being fed to you by a loved one? 😉



Life’s just a whole lot sweeter when you know you’ve got good buddies around, who will always be there for you both in good times and bad. True friends are a treasure so give your precious ones a big HUG today… or feed them yummy dessert (like heaven-sent Tiramisu!!!), whichever floats your boat. LOL!


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