Magic Babe strikes again!


This evening saw yours truly doing some contemporary mingling close-up magic, table-hopping style, at a popular country club for a golfers’ event. I enjoyed myself tonight really, because being around people makes me happy… more so, people who are cheerful because I’ve so successfully entertained them *grin*

A lot of times, I honestly think some magicians have the wrong concept of magic – yes, wrong & not different – simply because they perceive their job, to be that of a witty trickster and not that of a discerning entertainer. Let me elaborate a little bit.

As the latter, my “mission” is to engage the audience and give them a good time. With the repertoire that I hold, a suspension of disbelief is created… one that provides wonder and astonishment that makes them feel good – a step away from the dreariness of everyday life. It is an illusion, in several different ways 🙂  They know that I’m not challenging their intellect or making them look bad in any way, I’m just harmlessly rubbing off some joy with my magic.

With the former, the audience would usually get defensive because they’d get the impression the magician is trying to make them look bad or foolish with his “sucker” type of tricks – a mockery on their intelligence so they’d more likely than not, be on their guard and this unfortunately prevents them from being able to fully enjoy themselves. I’ve seen so many so-called “experienced” magicians try to appear suave and skilled but unfortunately, they just give the impression of being exasperatingly smug and abhorrently impudent… how can they give pleasure to their audience then?

It’s really not a matter of making yourself look good – magic shouldn’t be used as an ego trip! If you’re a performing magician, your audience is your utmost concern… Take proper care of them! Showing off is only apt to your other magician peers, if you so badly need an ego booster! Sigh. It’s sucky magicians like this that make magic (a beautiful art!!) a sordid turn off for people.

Tonight, I had quite a few requests for my business card (guess I did good!) and I gave up all that I had with me. LOL. I was booked by a direct client who had seen me in the news (my 2 page Simply Her magazine interview last month) and was impressed. Before I left, they actually thanked me for “an amazing job” because they heard the loud applause and cheers from each table I did my magic on. Well, just call me again please! *big grin*

So that was my Sunday evening. On Saturday evening, I spent some time alone at my favorite art supplies store in town. There, I got myself a brand new easel (a very lovely imported one made of quality stainless steel… way better than my old wooden easel, which has served me well but needs to be retired), some new painting canvas (Oh happy day… a sale!!!), and a whole lot of new painting materials *grin* Yes, I feel inspired to start painting again… My muse has recently revisited me with a couple of fresh ideas, which I don’t intend to rush. I want it to be a good, fruitful process.

Prior to all that happy art shopping, I had a fantastic lunch at a lovely, chic French restaurant called Petit Salut, located at Dempsey Road. It’s been ages since I met a good surgeon friend of mine, who was supposed to swing by to watch my performance at Triple Actz but was called away for a procedure in the evening so he had no choice but to miss my show. Well, I’d rather he did that… saving a life is definitely more important really, so no faulting him for that there! LOL!

Andrew invited 2 friends of his along for lunch as well, another surgeon (who has his own clinic) and a good looking GP who works for the very expensive Japanese clinic at Gleneagles. They were a blast to talk with… truly fantastic company! While they were intrigued by what I did for a living, I was equally impressed with their very noble professions. One of them mentioned I was a very interesting young lady who’s very well-read and mature for my age. LOL. I guess they didn’t expect a fire poi-weaving performance artist to actually be a smart cookie? *grin*

Lunch was almost 3 hours long but every minute was a joy really – good food (dessert was THE BOMB – my all time favorite, Crème Brulee!!), great conversation and fantastic company!  🙂  They’re a lot older than I am… the youngest of the 3 medical professionals being 40, but we could all connect. I guess at the end of the day, they made me realize that doctors could be quirky too (one of them went for the recent Black Eyed Peas concert while another who’s in his 40s, thinks Criss Angel’s actually pretty darn cool) & I made them see that magicians aren’t poorly educated people who perform tricks for kids at birthday parties *grin*

More importantly, they made me remember this simple but important truth… Life is truly unpredictable and it can be much shorter than you think. Don’t take each day given to you for granted.

This brought back to mind, a pearl of wisdom shared to me by a friend who’s much older and wiser than me. As an angsty teenager grappling with “growing up issues” and trying very desperately to find myself, I was so miserable because I just wasn’t “sciency” material and in MGS, being artistic just didn’t have any merits. The Math & Science subjects were of utmost importance, because we were in the pure science stream and MGS had a reputation to keep, as one of the top schools in the country. You know how our education system is *wry grin*

What I learnt from my wise friend anyway, is that you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with questions on “how to get there”. Life’s journey can be a simple one if you plan out the route – but this path isn’t something a lot of people know how to get there because well, everyone’s map is different. However, the smartest thing to do is really to work backwards 🙂

Yup, pretty much how you get out of those mind-boggling maze boxes.

Everything just makes so much more sense when you work backwards. Think and analyze what is it you really want people to remember you as, or talk about when you’re dead and gone.

Okay, it may seem a tad morbid but really… Once you find that specific slice of pie, it’d be so much clearer to you. Human beings generally are greedy by nature I guess, so play by the rules… you can’t be EVERYTHING. Pick just one, then work towards it. Do you want to be remembered as a talented and groundbreaking artist? A successful and clever entrepreneur? A good, devoted family member? A brave crusader of human rights? A kind & generous philanthropist?

Focus on that ONE important thing and you’ll be a lot clearer on how and where to tread  While some people might gawk at the seemingly unorthodox decisions you make, you know in your heart that you’ve made the right choices, as nonconformist as they may seem.

Life’s way too short to not live it the way YOU want it.

…Do your important loved ones know how much you care about them? 🙂  Let them know how very much they’re loved and cherished. Now!! Today!!!


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