J C & I took off on Saturday night for our specially customized 45min illusion show for ISPAT and arrived in Mumbai some 7 hours later. Our extremely kind Indian event partners warmly welcomed us and had us and all our props chauffeured in a cozy SUV to Hilton Towers, where we each had a (VERY DECENT) room.


I was honestly feeling COMPLETELY miserable from my high fever and my lousy antibiotics didn’t seem to be kicking in, but once I entered my room… all that changed *grin* I was given a room on a different floor from J C. His was on L17 while mine was on L33. Yup, mine was on the top floor of the swanky hotel and it boasts a FANTASTIC view.

Check it out! 🙂  It faces the sea and the view is just so awesome.



Better yet, they had fully adjustable air-conditioning, cable network, the bed was HUGE and the bathroom was truly superb. The water from the tap was POTABLE. That means it’s totally CLEAN!  🙂  Changing out of my tired clothes and slipping into their fuzzy bathrobe after a nice relaxing shower, I had a very good rest – something I really needed because we’d be performing in the Grand Hall in a few hours and all I got when we were onboard the plane was a fitful sleep.

My fever did subside when I finally got my wakeup call from J C some short hours later. Having all the space to yourself in a luxurious king size bed with 4 fluffy pillows all to yourself must be a kind of magic *grin* At their Frangipani restaurant (the staff are just so polite!), we hungrily scoffed down our first meal of the day (Shish Kebab and Roesti… YUM!!!) before we started our set-up and technical rehearsals accordingly.


The event was to start at 7pm and we were supposed to have a specific timeslot allocated to us to do an important tech rehearsal and meeting with the various teams (camera, sound, lights, effects, etc.) as J C specifically requested for us to do a good show. Unfortunately, we were severely delayed because the event producers were getting some major DIVA attitude from a singer/ dancer/ VJ who we’ll just call “Miss S.” because she was throwing a dynamite hissy fit on stage because her sound levels weren’t perfect.

I don’t know if it was my nasty migraine and head thumping fever that made me uncharacteristically impatient but seriously, after we were delayed our allocated slot for over an hour, I seriously wanted to tap Miss S. on the shoulder (okay, fine, SHOVE her HARD on the shoulder… possibly dislocating it) and (not so nicely) tell her that the event’s held in a frikking hotel ballroom, not a theatre or concert hall with perfect sound acoustics. Be realistic, sista!!!

The event guys were having a tremendously hard time trying to please Miss S. (she was practically screaming at the poor audio engineers) but they had to because the client had specifically requested for her to make a song & dance appearance to close their Diwali celebrations event, which is kick-started by our 45 minute 2 person illusion show.

No doubt Halloween is over but ALL of us just wanted to do this to her…



Our event producer friend later confided that Miss S. was actually just a minor celebrity and considered her a mere “wannabe” who has way more airs than the real Bollywood stars themselves *wry grin* J C was getting a tad frustrated and worried about the delay so it was a mad rush to make sure all the teams knew their roles accordingly once we had full access to the stage.

Thanks to the impossible to please Diva-wannabe, we were scarcely done with our technical rehearsal and blocking when it was almost time for us to get ready for the show! J C and I made a mad dash for our separate rooms to get dressed for showtime before rushing back down to the ballroom to prepare to open the show programme.

Because the client’s preference and show requirements were different from our New Delhi client’s, only J C & I flew down. We had no stage crew whatsoever – it was just us, our magic and our virtual soundman system. It wasn’t easy at all, multi-tasking between toggling the music, doing our illusion show, cueing lights and effects accordingly and reminding myself to FOCUS & also have a good time, despite my fever.

But I did it  🙂  We did a great show. They actually LOVED my straightjacket striptease too… Our 45 minute illusion show was incredibly stressful because it was quite a multi-tasking nightmare but it was evident that the crowd was appreciative and happy. The client then came over and personally thanked us for a show well done (as did the boss of the event company) and the 2 of us were warmly invited to join them for dinner.

J C & I decided to freshen up a bit first so we returned to our rooms, did a quick change of clothes and headed back down to the ballroom for dinner. It was a truly scrumptious and generous spread of both delicious Indian & International cuisine. Turns out, the serving and waiting staff had watched our performance as well and were clearly impressed. I had one who kept pestering me specifically on how I did my magic linking coat hangers *grin*

It was quite funny because J C & I took more than 5 minutes trying to make our way to the buffet area. As most of the guest had already eaten and were leaving (contrarily to our culture, our Indian friends have all their entertainment first and lastly the food), we had many people come up to us and shake our hands, thanking us for a show well done and all.

Their warmth and genuine appreciation was overwhelming. I just gladdens my heart truly, when the audience love our magic. Many ladies had short conversations with me too, as they thought it so novel that a woman magician was possible. Not surprising, I’m the first they’d seen 🙂  I’m glad it left a good impression on them!

Mr. Boss said he was especially proud of me because though he was on stage, he was aware that I fixed a potential major screw-up and made sure everything was smooth sailing so there were no hiccups during our show *grin* All in the day’s work! 😉

It was almost midnight when everything was wrapped up and we retired to our rooms. Generally all parties were happy with us & shared that they found our brand of magic especially novel and fresh – very unlike the “typical” magicians who perform common things. We were very different and they loved it that we were sophisticated professionals and spoke well too.

After a nice hot shower and munching on an apple to wash down the unpleasant taste of yucky medicine, I flipped on Cartoon Network and watched 2 corny episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory on TV before I fell asleep.

OMG. We fly back tomorrow!!!


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