Mumbai here we come!

It’s Thursday and what a completely crazy week it has been! I’m still battling the nasty flu, thanks to our “Super Spreader” Shawn who gave the bug to all of us. Sigh. Earlier in the week saw J C & I doing 2 half hour illusion shows for over a thousand people each night at Suntec City Convention Hall. It was for NTUC Fairprice, one of Singapore’s largest organizations I’d say, and it was a great event, judging from their response and how happy our event partners were after positive feedback from their client  🙂 

A piece of great news is that J C’s recent Impossible Teleportation feat is featured in the current issue of UK’s top magic magazine, magicseen. It’s really fantastic that our Mega Illusion is featured in this high profile magic magazine… at least people around the world know what Singaporeans are made of & that we’re capable of making newsworthy magic too! *grin* Oh yes, J C’s going to be featured in the upcoming issue of Magic Magazine as well… that’s just so wicked cool!

Will’s brand new promo video is finally ready. Check out Singapore’s very own Houdini in action here! We filmed all this during Triple Actz, our very recent 75 minute theatre show which was held last month at Alliance Francaise. The editing process wasn’t an easy one because it had to really capture the right feel, and properly reflect Will’s identity as ASEAN’s only professional escape artist who also does crazy stunts like glass walking, fire eating, pounding a huge nail into his nose and more 🙂  Do check it out!

We’re now in the process of working on my video edit & lastly, Shawn’s. Our schedule’s really hectic but I hope to at least have the new Magic Babe promo video out by next week *grin* J C & I are heading up to India again for a specially put together illusion show. This time, instead of New Delhi, it’s Mumbai… where Bollywood is! I’ve had the longest crush now, on Shahrukh Khan and his very sexy eyebrows… hopefully there are some good looking movie star types that I’d get to meet this weekend. Heh.

Oh yes, Magic Babe recently got approached by Kids Central for a project. It’s something really interesting; do stay tuned for more updates 🙂  The TV show airs early next year but the shoot will be early Dec. Lots of things are happening, 2008 is going to be SO EXCITING!!!

Meanwhile, check out the zany pictures of the magic team having fun at the Singapore Science Centre, while trying to get creative inspiration *grin* Optical illusions are simply the coolest, don’t you think?

That’s Shawn thinking of more diabolical methods to convince people that he’s the world’s greatest magician… Beware the giant spinning hypnotic wheel of Shawn-fusion!!!

And that’s Ade & I on the Terrifying Electric Chair… of Death!!!

Last but not least… That’s my head served up on a plate! *YUM*


Life’s just way too short to be unhappy. If you’re having a bad day, read feel good books, go cloud watching or do something inspiring! Or you could so what I do when I’m having a tough day… just listen to Bobby McFerrin’s hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and simply reflect on what you’ve got going for you. Give thanks for the wonderful people and moments you have in your life and I personally guarantee that you’ll feel a million times better! 

Carpe Diem!!!!


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