Magic Babe says Thank You :)

I’d like to thank all those who made it down to watch Triple Actz @ Alliance Francaise last week. I managed to take photos with some, so here we go…

Lynn and Sebastian with their 2 darlings, Shawn and Levin  It’s been ages since we met and the kids just grow up so fast!

J C with one of Singapore’s most talented writer and poet, Felix Cheong and his son, Ryan 

Shawn & J C with Marianne (our all time favorite dancer who was part of Platinum, as featured on MediaCorp’s dance competition, Dance Floor) who gets interviewed later 🙂

Enrico & Peter from IBM Ring 115 heartily congratulate J C and my eccentric artist buddy, Einstein shares a moment with Mr. Boss later.

My family came to watch… that’s Grandma and I sharing a big hug! 🙂 *GRIN*

Shawn giving his autograph to a young fan… LOL! And all I got were flowers!!

J C & I thanking some of our dear IBM friends for popping by to watch the show…

Some friends of mine who came to watch… Jonathan Pang from ACS/ SMC & my very talented artist friend Andrew with his pretty date!

J C’s parents came to watch and they’re a really sweet couple. Mr Boss’s mom is really cute especially… she was so animated when recalling Will’s scary walking-on-glass feat *grin*

My buddies from Vi’lage who made time to catch me in action, despite their hectic schedule! What’s really fab is that Boon’s joining the team next year!

Larry and his 2 gal friends, with me. That’s Mr. Boss being interviewed. Doesn’t he looks like he’s rapping in front of the camera? Hehe.

Ade and I, with the rest of the fanatical Concept:Magic team. Please don’t ask me what’s with the crazy hair fetish 😛

Once again… a VERY BIG THANK YOU to those who came down for Triple Actz & especially to the wonderful “fan” who enjoyed my performance enough to actually specially courier over a fantastic reproduction of a Bolero painting for yours truly *grin* …I have it in my office right now, it’s on the wall right next to Tanya Chalkin’s KISS and my oil on canvas reproduction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The guys say I’m practically redecorating the office  🙂  Nice!


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