Zouk Halloween Party!

Tonight was really radical! After work and a family dinner at a hotel restaurant, I headed down to Zouk for their funky Halloween party. Winston, my cousin & his girlfriend Christina were supposed to come with me but at the last minute she changed her mind (ah, women!) so he sent her home. Colin’s mates were already in the queue (a crazy massive one!) so we managed to get in the express way *grin* By the time Winston finally arrived, we were already in the club and he didn’t want to join the queue so he decided to call it a night. D’oh!

The drive to Zouk was really interesting tho. You see so many funky ghouls of all kind walking the street, on their way to the club and I was seriously laughing my head off (pun intended) when I saw a headless dude cross the street towards the club. He was carrying a paper bag in his right hand and was earnestly crossing the road with his cape flapping in the wind behind him. It was such a cute sight. I think older folks might not understand why we kids love Halloween so much… *big grin* But it’s wicked!!!

There were also a bunch of cutesy angels with white fluffy wings trailing behind my dear Mr. Headless Horseman without a Horse & further down there were a couple of super muscular-looking guys dressed as REALLY scary trannies in tight cheongsams that looked like they’d rip any moment. Just as my buddy handed his new Lexus to the valet guy, a group of crazies decked out as a horrific team of carpark attendants in their “I WILL BOOK YOU NOW” uniforms – complete with their iconic big floppy hats, gloves and summon ticket booklets, rushed past us.

It was all very scary *guffaw* 🙂

Anyways, Colin came dressed as the Grim Reaper with a scythe that was completely comical. It wasn’t menacing at all because it had a bunch of plastic cartoony smiley skulls on it! I should have taken pictures when he was dancing (John Travolta finger pointing style!) with the dark mask and hood on because he’s just such hilarious entertainment *grin* The hood’s pretty stuffy so he kept it off most of the time & when he did, he looked like a boy wizard from Harry Potter!

My Halloween get-up was pretty simple, all I had was my red pitchfork and a set of black horns – yes, I came as a little devil girl, complete with tons of black eyeliner, midnight nail polish and my wicked leather boots!

Jerald, Colin’s buddy, borrowed his dad’s pilot uniform but Cherrie (his girlfriend who works for Style magazine) & Aloysius (the photographer who took the pics at my recent birthday bash) didn’t come in costume. It can be quite a hassle but I think it’s well worth the fun since it’s just once a year anyways! *grin* My camera phone really sucks but I managed to get a few almost decent photos to remember tonight!

What I truly love about Zouk is that they take great pride and make a lot of effort to really get the whole proper Halloween party theme going. The atmosphere is just fantastic. Greeting patrons at the main entrance (when you finally get there after waiting like forever in the long queue) is this wickedly cool sight of a “suffering” angel getting abused by a bad@ss red demon who’s maybe Satan or something. While you’re waiting for the door bitch to “access” you (if your costume’s funky enough, you get in free), these zany folks perched on a platform just above your heads are realistically enacting out their whole angel/demon thing.

The girl playing the pitiful angel was wailing “Please… help me! Help me!” *wry grin*




Anyways. When we finally managed to get in, the club was already packed to the brim with tons of people in crazy costumes so it was really fun trying to spot the more interesting ones. It was a bit kinky but some people were decked out in fetish wear too! I just HAD to take a photo with this cool bunch of guys… The zany group came uniformly dressed up as Ancient Chinese Vampires complete with the classic yellow slips of Taoist paper spell charms written in nasty chicken blood, stuck to their pasty white foreheads! *LOL*

This funky group of Chinese Vampires was actually merrily dancing near me when I spotted them and they very cheerfully obliged (such nice friendly vampires!) when I asked if I could take a quick picture with them. Their yellow slips of paper on their heads were flipped up so they could see when they were dancing, so my new friends promptly flipped it all down and “froze” to take the picture with me. It was all pretty hilarious really.


What do you think… doesn’t “hell” look pretty darn funky? *grin*

There were hilarious people flaunting their wacky dance moves on various platforms on Zouk’s hot dance floor, with some (a particular pair of Roman soldiers who got super lucky with two drunk party girls from the dance floor) being just completely skanky.

I’m not a prude, but seriously, everyone around felt they were a tad over the top when the foursome started blatantly making out on the dance platform for the entire hellish party crowd to see. I really felt like hurling my pitchfork (hey, don’t mess… I was a GOOD javelin thrower back in MGS!) at these inebriated exhibitionists with a howler note tied to it that stridently screams “YOU’RE REALLY FREAKING US OUT… PLEASE GET A FRIKKIN’ ROOM!!!”

Even if it does hit one of them on the head, it probably wouldn’t help. Firstly, my seemingly lethal red pitchfork’s only made of foam and plastic & those guys (the ones I really wanna hurt) were wearing pseudo Roman warrior helmets with that ugly bushy broom thing on top, so they probably wouldn’t have felt a thing anyway if it hit them.

That aside, the bunch of us quickly welcomed a new distraction that waddled down our way… good ole wholesome, Barney!!! The world’s favorite purple dinosaur sauntered by with a bottle of Heineken beer in hand and started grooving near us so I just HAD TO take this picture *grin* I really don’t know how the guy inside sees really. LOL!


There were other awesome costumes around and I was particularly enchanted by this completely FANTASTIC creation which just glowed brilliantly under the club’s UV black light! It’s a brilliant mix of colors and themes… I felt like I was suddenly at Mardi Gras! I just had to stop dancing, whip out my phone and take a snapshot of this guy waving his flags on the stage platform. He really knows how to wayang!

What tickled me later was when a serious looking pseudo Taoist priest stood on stage with 2 very creepy looking Chinese ghosts standing just behind him. You know the classic pair with the tall skinny hats and plain robes (one in full black, the other in full white) with their extremely long tongues that take the souls of the dead back to hell to be judged? 

Yep, they made their appearance tonight *grin* But it was a pity however… they just stood there and didn’t groove to the funky Halloween music. It would have been cute watching them groove to the music the DJ was spinning. Can ghosts do a decent shuffle? Still, it was quite funny because they just stood there on their pedestals, shaking their heads and folding their arms like disapproving Taoist deities, as they critically analyzed us down below.

There were a couple of moronic Caucasian rednecks who were breaking glasses on the dance floor (find a bin for your empty beer bottle, you stupid Neanderthal!!!) and behaving like complete retards near us, but yet there were skimpily dressed SPGs (Sarong Party Girls, for the uninitiated) pathetically hanging unto them.

Honestly, I don’t get it. I really don’t understand the popular appeal of the ‘white man’. More so especially after tonight… where these complete dorks just showed they didn’t give a care for the people around them! The dance floor was packed enough as it is but they were just inconsiderately whacking and kicking the people around them with their stupid dance moves. Meowwwwrrr.

It was a little past 2am when we decided to hop over to the Ministry of Sound for a change of environment, so everyone climbed into Colin’s car and we drove over to Clarke Quay. However, once we got into the club through the speedy VIP queue, we realized that MOS didn’t dress up their place as much as how Zouk so proudly and creatively did up theirs. I recognized that the Halloween decorations MOS used were the very same ones being sold at Toys R Us! Heh. There honestly wasn’t much of a strong Halloween atmosphere there and it was a tad disappointing so we decided to head out for supper after a bit, before calling it a night.

Being the good little (devil) girl I was, I was back home way before daybreak *grin* So what would YOU dress up as for next Halloween?


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