Illusion show booking in New Delhi!

It’s Thursday evening and I’m writing this as the team waits for our 6-hour flight out at the Changi International airport. The guys are catching a bit of a snooze while I’m all wrapped up in my light trench coat poking away on my laptop in this chilly air-con environment.

The afternoon was a crazy one, besides having to settle last minute paperwork and things, it was spent packing up the rest of the illusions, props and equipment for our New Delhi show. Almost a ton of our stuff (safely packed away in huge ATA flight cases) was shipped out early last week by air and it’s already with the India customs. I feel excited as it is because I’ve never been to India before and this is another first for me. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to travel to Nepal and Tibet, so I guess I’m slowly getting there *grin* I personally think most Singaporeans are way too sheltered and outside exposure is very important for personal growth & life experiences.

Anyways. The actual illusion show happens tomorrow evening (we are the main highlight – with the stage built exactly to our professional specifications) and we were booked by a direct client, a fortune 500 company and apparently the 5th biggest company in India. This large illusion show is apparently an exclusive private event for the “Who’s Who” in India. Top dignitaries, businessmen and socialites would be flying in as well!

We were specifically handpicked because of our impressive history-making Mega Illusion – the Impossible Teleportation! *grin* 🙂  The client can’t wait to meet us it seems! Singapore’s Mega Illusionist, J C Sum, & Singapore’s only professional female magician, “Magic Babe” Ning! Shawn & Shaun are coming with us as well, as they will also be doing some mingling close-up magic at the venue prior to warm up the crowd.

Anyways, I packed really light since we’re just heading up to do the show then back to Singapore after, where we have our Triple Actz theatre show to do BUT before that, J C & I are booked for a stage show at Sentosa for Keppel. No kidding. Our schedule is nuts!

Oct 18:     Fly up to New Delhi, India (6 hour flight!)
Oct 19:     Set up the show for the performance at night, SHOW TIME! at venue in the evening…then pack down all equipment and things to ship back to SG
Oct 20:     Early morning flight back to Singapore (to reach in the evening)
Oct 21:     Afternoon stage show at Sentosa for Keppel, speed back to studio to prep for Triple Actz, rush to Alliance Francaise for set up, then… DO TRIPLE ACTZ AT NIGHT!!!!

*sigh* I wonder how Copperfield does it. There’s just so much more than just “doing magic” – it’s not just stepping up on stage to do the show. There’s a lot more things involved that people don’t know of. Anyways, it is a pretty overwhelming schedule (and I’m not talking about the rest of the week/ month) so I’m glad I brought the stash of chocolates Adeline so sweetly put together for me. I’m SO gonna need all the sugar and endorphins!!! 


Oh yes… for those who didn’t manage to get hold of a copy of Lian He Zao Bao on Oct 14, you can check out my exclusive 2-page article online here! There’s lesser photos but the content’s the same *grin*


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