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The week has been really crazy but I’m really thankful for a very big-hearted someone who came by the magic studio and dropped off some munchies for me… YUM! *grin* Sustenance food is always good… LOL.

Anyways! Last evening was a blast! J C & I tag-teamed for a one-and-a-half hour close up (walk-around/ mingling) magic gig for one of the world’s biggest investment banking and wealth management company. Their venue was truly one of the prettiest that I’ve ever been to, with a professionally done temporary marquee with beautiful lighting and cool air-conditioning, proper sliding glass doors and more than decent carpeting. Luxurious decadence was everywhere and it’s just evident that there was absolutely no corners cut for this important event! Besides hiring the best entertainment (us!) they also had Four Seasons doing the catering 🙂

I had a really wonderful time working because I simply enjoy mingling with the crowd. The audience was an international mix of affluent business people – important experts who deal with wealth management, investment banking and asset management. I must say it’s a very different group than the kind I’m used to hanging out with but I’m glad to say, they are an interesting bunch who enjoyed my company – and magic – very much! *grin*

By the end of the night I’d given out the entire box of business cards I had on me (this was a booking by the client direct, not through an event partner) and even received quite a number of business cards in return from the guests there. One of the VIPs I entertained was a suave, well-dressed Investment Director based in Hong Kong, called Hugh. He actually tried attempting a back palm to produce his name card magically for me. I thought that was really cute! 🙂  In fact, many of them commented that it’s very refreshing seeing a girl do magic (and good magic at that!) & they even asked if I could travel overseas for shows because they felt that I was very unique *grin* I guess that just meant it was another corporate gig well done!

J C did very well too – there were a few Singaporeans in the crowd and some recognized him as the “top illusionist who did the recent teleportation feat”  I swear, when I was at the other end of the grand marquee, I hear people gasp and applaud loudly when J C was doing his wicked fork bending routine! Shaun was indispensable as usual, as our always reliable show crew. There was some fancy table work magic involved that night – cups & balls, the classic 3 shell game, magic with cards and coins, and much, much more.

So that was last evening. Tonight had Shawn & I tag team again for an important close up gig for Canon. Yup, Canon yet again! *grin* J C says I must have done very well to impress them during my solo one-gal stage performance for them at The Arena, so Canon specifically wanted Magic Babe to do more magic for them yet again, in this different setting! 🙂  Our event partner, Liz, requested that I wear something different again so it was another peek into my closet to pull out something that suited their request.

We were initially signed for a one-hour gig of close-up/ mingling magic but towards the end, we were both requested to extend another half hour (they liked us so much *big grin*) and I was also pulled over to different groups upon request to perform magic for the various VIPs.

It was a really fun night. I couldn’t believe it, but within that mere 1.5 hours of working the crowd non-stop, I had at least 4 job offers from various big bosses to work for them because they felt I’d be perfect for their sales team. LOL. Tempting really, but what’s going to happen to Magic Boutique if I leave? Besides, I love my job way too much! 🙂  Magic is my life! *grin* But it is flattering that they think that way tho. Quite a handful also enquired how they could book me, so I told them to go through our event partner but if they just googled “Singapore Female Magician”, they’d be able to find me quickly in 0.23 seconds *LOL*

Honestly… Nothing makes my day better than knowing that people are really enjoying themselves and are entertained by my magic… and engaging personality *grin* I guess an overall comment was that they found it refreshing that they’re being presented entertaining magic by a woman… not just any other girl but “Magic Babe” Ning – Singapore’s only professional female magician that is! 🙂

So that’s Shawn doing his wicked Ambitious Card Routine, which sees the spectator’s selected card magically rising to the top of the deck no matter how they stick it into the deck.


And this is me, well, okay… my performing alter-ego really… “Magic Babe” Ning at work with some logic defying magic utilizing simple everyday objects *grin* This one sees me doing some interactive close-up magic with some “simple” rubberbands!



Before we left, our event partner Liz smiled and shook my hand, thanking me for another job well done. As I was leaving the grand ballroom at Mandarin Hotel, a couple of people who I performed magic to actually waved their goodbyes to me 🙂  Magic Babe strikes gold again! *big grin*

PS: I was just informed by the reporter from Lian He Zao Bao that the interview they did on me will be published in Zao Bao NOW (早报NOW) this Sunday, Oct 14. It’s apparently going to be a 2 page exclusive with photos and more. This is just so timely because they’ve also given mention to Triple Actz – my upcoming theatre show which also stars Shawn (the Complete Magician) & Will (ASEAN’s Houdini)! …I hope to see YOU there


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