Canon Photos are finally up!

I’ve finally got some of the screen captures from the Japanese themed stage show I did for Canon last week at The Arena. Magic Babe (yours truly’s stage alter-ego!) was the main stage entertainment for the evening. Check it out! 🙂


That’s me doing my funky magic cut & restored rope segment using UV black light, assisted by my trust Samurai sword. The other photo at the club sees me doing my all original linking coat hangers routine, which I feel, is way cooler than the typical linking rings routine, which is probably one of the most common stage acts in any standard magic show *grin* Just adding some personal touches to my magic!

These two photos are from my straight jacket striptease segment where I grab a guy (one very lucky unsuspecting spectator) from the audience to strap me up in the regulation straight jacket. Trust me, it’s really not as easy as it looks… Holding your own on stage, communicating with your audience, giving instructions to your helper (a complete stranger!) as you are at his mercy while he’s strapping you up *wry grin*

The guy who helped strap me up that night was a tad tipsy (you can’t really tell in the darkness of the club until it’s too late!) and he was well, more than happy – in fact, a wee bit too enthusiastic – in strapping me up. LOL. He was reaching for the crotch strap even before I told him too! 😛 But it was all good clean fun anyways, and the audience clearly enjoyed our cheeky banter up on stage.

The audience enjoyed the closing finale as well, an impactful and dynamic money act where I first appeared a single yen note (Japanese currency) from a mere drawing, before multiplying it into a few more and ending with an empty glass box (that was on stage the entire time) suddenly imploding into a whole case full of Japanese yen notes very magically! *grin*


If I had to pick which is my favorite bit of magic in my entire performance, I’d say it’d be my very pretty Sakura Storm effect where a munificent snowstorm of Sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) flowers magically manifests itself. It was pretty awesome really, the blizzards surrounding me on stage. This photo of me holding the fan (hot pink!) was taken at the very end of the act.


I swear, it looks even more impressive LIVE! *wink* Ta for now, more later…


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