Bebel Gilberto @ The Esplanade

That’s right! Bebel Gilberto, my all-time favorite Brazilian siren of Jazz (those who know me, all know I’m a huge Bossa Nova fan!) came down to Singapore for a one night only concert and it was a complete FULL HOUSE at The Esplanade as expected. Mel, one of my dearest friends since MGS primary, is flying off to Australia real soon so I squeezed precious time out of my current crazy work schedule to meet up with her 🙂

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant at The Esplanade but the service was surprisingly excruciatingly slow and they even forgot Mel’s order *SIGH* The 2 ladies at the next table were also going for the jazz concert and were agitated (as hungry, famished people can easily get) on the crappy service. My dinner came first so I shared my bowl of spicy crayfish tom yum noodles while we waited half an hour for Mel’s simple pat-thai noodles to arrive.


Anyways, despite arriving early, we had to scoff down our food and make a crazy dash for the concert hall because the last thing we wanted was to miss the very important beginning. It’s far worse than missing the first few minutes of a film, considering this is a LIVE event and it’s a lot more expensive than a movie ticket! Honestly, there were a few times in the past where I chose not to watch a movie simply because my movie date was late and the show had already started. I don’t care if you call me neurotic but it really just doesn’t make sense to me walk in when the show’s already started… it’s kinda like reading a book with some of its pages torn off. Would you? *wry grin*

My ultimate pet peeve is being stood up but as you know, Singaporeans are hardly a stickler for tardiness so there was a bit of a wait before the show could finally start. The crowd went crazy when it finally did. I guess it’s safe to say that a good ¼ of the audience in the concert hall were expats.

If you didn’t know, Bebel is truly a sensation on stage – not many Jazz singers know how to interact with their audience so skillfully when they perform. She speaks only a little English but she appeared completely comfortable on stage, rolling around cheekily on the platform as she sang and slinking back in her cozy swivel chair like a contented, purring minx. The music was fantastic (really, please tell me how can anyone not appreciate seductive Bossa Nova?!) and the professional lighting design added to the beautiful mise-en-scene. Very, very nice 🙂

I enjoyed myself tremendously and honestly felt really inspired by Bebel when I observed her alluring stage presence…it was a good learning experience for any serious performance artist – the intoxicating way Bebel moved on stage, teasing us into wanting more, and being coy one moment but unexpectedly dynamic the next. On stage, Bebel’s very clearly the epitome of a self assured modern woman who oozes complex womanly sensuality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and show it.

What can I say *grin* It was really 70 bucks well spent!



That’s the 2 of us at our circle seats before the concert started. Me being me, I got bored waiting around so I was trying to take a couple of photos of us but Mel is just so shy… heh… I would have tried another using the flash if they hadn’t announced the start of the show 🙂

Mel and I have been buddies since primary school and were super close especially in secondary school. I remember being quite affected when she had to fly off to Melbourne to study and we were on ICQ (the MSN of yesteryear!) very frequently. Her other half is based in Australia so she’s going back to Melbourne to try find a job so they can be together. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? *big grin* I’m really happy for Mel that she’s found THE ONE (they’ve been together for 7 long years!) and that she is courageous enough to take that scary step towards commitment. That reminds me of a line I heard ages ago that just sorta stuck:

DESIRE makes things happen. YOU make things happen.

Anyways, since we had such a sad and unsatisfying dinner at the disappointing Thai restaurant, Mel & I decided to head over for some decent dessert after the concert. We ordered some very very very sinful pleasures at a popular ice-cream parlor and well… girls being girls, we were there, yakking away over our ice-creams, till they closed shop.

Chocolate Decadence is a very apt name for the dessert I picked out for myself – it was chocolatey everything… which is exactly the way I love it. Heh heh 🙂


*Slurp* It’s well worth the calories. I’d just do some running to make up for it afterwards 🙂 I don’t quite know what they say about how your favorite type of ice-cream speaks volumes about your personality or character but my all-time favorite ice-cream flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which I advocate it to all my friends and people who care to listen *LOL* Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out – it’s a fantastic “perk you up” feel good drug without any nasty side effects & I’d guarantee you’d feel a lot better after a nice dish of that scrumptious ice-cream!

Anyways, this is a photo we managed to get the friendly staff to help us take before we left the ice-cream parlor. Actually, back when we were back in MGS, I felt that at certain angles, Mel looked like Christie Chung. No kidding! Heh… I went on a shopping spree after pay day and got myself a nice trench coat from Muji, which cost a bomb so I’m trying to utilize it for all it’s worth! *grin* Oh, I also finally got that limited edition Nike bag I’d had my eye on for months now. An early birthday present to myself! 🙂


It was past midnight when I finally reached home. We just had so much to share and talk about!!! 🙂 Mel was an angel to drive me back in her grandfather’s Mercedes Benz despite the lateness and for that I’m grateful. I’m really tired and can’t wait to hit the pillow but WOW… what a super eventful day!!!


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