I hate to whine but I think I’m beginning to resemble a panda bear despite the eye masks I’ve been using almost every night. Our schedule is nuts. We’re booked for shows every week from now till the end of the year. How crazy is that? 😛 We’re also booked for a customized GRAND illusion show in India this mid Oct, so we’d be flying out of Singapore again.

Anyways, we had a show early yesterday morning, a customized gig for HP and then an illusion show at Orchard Hotel later this evening. It was a really BUSY day today because prior to work (i.e. the illusion show J C & I were booked for), I had to set up a dealer’s booth for Magic Boutique at SMC’s Legerdemain event, held at Ulu Pandan CC, in the afternoon. Traffic on the roads was horrid for some reason, so we reached the venue a bit later than I would have liked.

Anyways, that’s yours truly in my current favorite white jacket (nicked it from my little sister, who is still hogging my favorite grey Esprit coat), and Ade, J C, Shaun & Bang at the Magic Boutique dealer’s booth. See the scrumptious magic spread? *grin*

I brought down a whole bunch of magic things and we sold various magic stuff during the intermission & just before the event started. We didn’t have time again after Legerdemain ended as we had to speed over to Orchard Hotel for our scheduled performance in town… it was a real mad rush!

It was quite amazing… by the time it was intermission, ALL our Bicycle decks were completely SOLD OUT, I guess because we’ve got the best prices in Singapore and some say Malaysia & Batam… *grin* Really!!!

For some cover of what happened at Legerdemain, check out the SMC forums here. The organizers (SMC’s mods as usual) did well – it isn’t easy putting together an event involving so many people! Precious time and their social lives were sacrificed & I know this for a fact. I felt sponsorship from Magic Boutique was the least I could do really, especially when I knew I couldn’t pitch in to help with the organizational matters this time around because of my hectic schedule. Kudos to the guys really 🙂

Since Magic Boutique was a sponsor, we were given VIP seats which I’d say, were the best seats in the house! It was smack in the centre-middle, and we enjoyed the Legerdemain experience.

Aloysius, in his position as president of the forum, gave a speech on stage. He touched a little on ticketing for Triple Actz too, so that was a little surprising. In a nice way. Well, thanks for that Aloy, if you ever read this. Heh. Isn’t he such a pretty boy? 🙂 He looks good in pink too!


The emcees for the night were Gordon (my “big bro”!!!) & Adrian – both were complete darlings and they did their best to entertain. They’re no professional stage workers of course, but their bravo was commendable!!! They had a couple of witty wisecracks too, that had me helplessly guffawing away.

Legerdemain started with Axl (if you want to buy insurance, look for him!) covering a huge empty cardboard box with a black cloth and suddenly, Adrian appeared from within. He later magically produced Gordon from a puny little cardboard box next to him, much to the amusement of the audience.


Sherman (our Concept:Magic teammate who was in charge of audio during our ERINA show at Suntec) came in FIRST place, as well as, clinching the People’s Choice awards 🙂  We’re all so very proud of him of course, all votes from the 6 of us from Magic Boutique that came, went to him. I think someone owes us a very nice dinner!!! Kekeke…


Oh, this is during the intermission break where people were checking out the wares at Magic Boutique’s sponsorship dealer’s booth. LOL. Huron looks so different with his NS hair cut, I almost couldn’t recognize him when he called out to me when I entered the auditorium *grin* Time flies! When we first knew each other he was still in ACS!


IBM had a booth too, to promote awareness of the club & recruit members. That’s good ole Joshua (Mr. Responsible who did a total revamp of Ring 115’s website) and Aunty Betsy, who is Uncle John’s wife. They usually refer to her as the First Lady of IBM Ring 115 because Uncle John (who is a reviewer and advisor of Magic Boutique) is the club’s long serving President!


Shaun, J C & I had our dinner at the very retro Ah Meng Café, close to 11pm after our show was over. By the time I reached home, I was completely beat! But despite the craziness, I did have fun today and it was nice catching up with people again – friends from SAM (Singapore Association of Magicians), IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians), SMC (Singapore Magic Circle), and those in-between. *grin*

Also, we did a good show and it’s always nice when the event producer validates it for you. The crowd we performed for was pretty tough because it was an odd mix of demographics – there were people from various countries who spoke/ understood different languages so we did a bilingual show, which turned out to be the most effective thing. They went crazy at our finale, the 3” Hole illusion 🙂  A day in the life of Magic Babe!


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