Mid-Week Musings

I suddenly missed my Grandma a lot so I decided to pay her a surprise visit last evening after I got off work. Once the external meeting ended, I went to buy some yummy food stuff I knew she’d like (but still healthy for her!!!) and after it was probably a little after 8pm when I reached her condo. I peeked through the gate and saw her alone in the living room watching TV, because my my cousins and uncle weren’t back from work yet. My heart just suddenly melted & tears sprang in my eyes. Honestly, I feel really crummy that I haven’t been spending as much quality time as I wanted to with her. She’s the only grand parent I’d ever known, as the rest had already passed on before I was born.

It was magical. Grandma’s face lit up when she realized it was me at her doorstep and her eyes just went wide – a very happy kinda wide, while her mouth stretched into a big grin. I gave her a big hug and told her I really missed her & that I was very happy to see her. She quickly sat me down and we talked for a bit, she’d seen my performance DVD and enjoyed herself tremendously so she was excited when I told her about Triple Actz – the theatre show that we were working on, happening just next month. She asked if it was a local show (since Dad had shared to her that my work takes me to different countries some times) & I assured her that it was in Singapore and I’d be getting her tickets.

She sweetly chided me for spending money on her as usual, but I knew deep down, she really appreciated my effort in bringing her things. Plus the fact that I made the time to swing by Yishun, just to see her. Fussing over me, she asked if I’ve been doing well so I assured her I’d never been better *grin* I showed her my 2 magazine features on October’s issues of Simply Her & Seventeen and Grandma never looked prouder. She gave a wide smile and started stroking me on the back saying I’ve done very well. I realize it’s a very different kind of love, from a grand parent and your own parents.

Writing this, I just miss her all over again and have all these wonderful childhood memories that just flood back – Ah Ma sayang-ing (comforting) me after I scraped my knee because I only had my boy cousins to play with and they were always very rough; Ah Ma knotting up her hanky and putting it over my head when I was 5 (or younger – because my 2nd sister wasn’t born yet) because she was afraid I’d catch a chill on my way home; Ah Ma helping me change my damp top because I was all sweaty after running around with my cousins playing catch…

My grandma is the BEST and I’m glad she’s so incredibly open-minded, completely supportive and so very understanding even though I don’t have as much time as I had before. Grandma, I really really really love you 🙂

Oh yeah, this is a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! I was going through some old folders and things (routine desktop spring cleaning!) and found a bunch of precious photos of me and my girlfriends from University *grin* Yes, it’s the usual suspects. Somehow I don’t have any of Spanky tho… strange. Anyways!


That’s Nats and me. I think we look quite different now and I can’t believe she’s getting married next June 14 at Raffles Hotel! When we took this 2 years ago, she wasn’t even dating Luke yet 🙂  I still have that innocent doe-eyed University freshie look… LOL!

I fondly remember using Magician’s Choice on my lecturer for a presentation we had. In case you didn’t know, it’s a fantastic skill where you can determine the choices your “victim” selects *grin* I hadn’t shared with the girls then, about the quirky side of me, but they completely trusted me to open our presentation on why Bread Talk is still the #1 pastry leader (this was way before the donut craze began).

This was what we did. Yours truly first had a huge envelope on the presentation table & I did the opening, introducing the team and our presentation topic to our lecturer while the girls handed out about 7 floss buns on different paper plates to our lecturer. Lined up on her table, we invited her to take a bite of each and decide which she preferred. All floss buns came from different local confectionaries which had copied Bread Talk’s “flagship” bun. She did so accordingly, amused at this creative twist and declared her preference – Plate #3.

I walked over to the huge envelope on the table (in full view the entire time) and opened it before her, cleanly removing the generous slip of paper within. On it was clearly written: Bread Talk’s Floss Bun is on Plate #3 🙂

With that breaking the ice, we started on our presentation. We aced it of course, scoring a High Disctinction… LOL. One thing great about our gang (we affectionately call ourselves the Queenies, I think it’s Mabe’s idea) is our openness and creative juices.

For instance, we actually dressed up as various types of Jap girls for our presentation on Japanese Pop Culture *grin* Mabes & Nats were the naughty school girls with their funky knee-high socks, Spanky played the heavily made up blonde bimbo, I was the “Goth Lolita” while Zann worked the slides. No one ever did that before so it was something refreshing the lecturers appreciated 🙂  We were a lethal combination I guess… a good mix of beauty and brains *guffaw* plus all our different quirky talents combined! Oh yes. One thing nice about school ending late, it gives us a good reason to chill out after class. Everyone’s got their own favorite girly drink *grin* I think this was Alley Bar, at Peranakan Place in town.


 Also, I remember the crazy times we had to stay up till almost 4am, rushing our presentation slides and all. Kind Albert Park’s McDonald’s was our usual hang out place because it was where we could plug in our laptops and not be worried about people chasing us out *wry grin* We could also get things to keep us awake. But there’s also Spanky with all her dirty, er, corny jokes to save the day of course 🙂

That’s Mabes at my side. I don’t know how the girl manages to look so fresh and dolled up even at way past 3 in the morning! I was looking like a stoned zombie already and my baggy white shirt looked like comfy PJs!


 This picture brings back memories because it was during Kris Kam’s birthday. Kris is a real cutie and sweetheart too. He’s now studying in Australia and doing very well because he’s an academic smarty pants. That’s Chep, Nats, Mabes, yours truly and Jas at Butter Factory. Who knew that in a couple of hours we’d see the dear birthday boy get rushed to the A&E because he got splashed in the face with a flaming Lamborghini? *sigh*

Anyways, after psychotherapy and all, Kris is back to looking like a million bucks now… and I’m very certain he’s popular with the girls down under because he’s tall, dark and handsome! 🙂  Hehehe.

Oh yeah, our brand new 2008 magic promo trailer is now up on Youtube. Check out J C & me doing some of our wicked illusions and stuff here! Yes, Singapore’s very own Mega Illusionist has his brand new promo DVD out and we’ve got many event producers who said very nice things about it after they watched it *grin* They were very impressed by the magic, scale and creativity! It’s a montage of clips taken of our various acts during our Erina illusion show (I blogged about it prior, so you can read all about it!) which was held in 2 halls in Suntec for the 2000 Japanese businessmen who flew down to watch us. You’ll see Magic Babe in action with her Japanese sais, poi spinning, and of course magic and illusion work!


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