Concept:Magic Folks in the News!


South East Asia’s only professional escape artist, bad boy “Iron Will”, appears in September’s issue of MANJA magazine doing his Houdini thing! 🙂  If you didn’t already know, MANJA is the top entertainment magazine catered for the local Malay community here in Singapore!

FYI: Will makes some really wicked coffee, having worked as a professional barista at Coffee Bean before the extraordinary passion of lock picking and escapology seduced him.


Mega Illusionist, J C Sum, appears on “My Space” on September’s issue of the very hip & trendy, LIME magazine! The 2 page exclusive interview features the Concept:Magic studio and some of the quirky gems in there!

FYI: J C is also a mega TRANSFORMERS fan with a (supposedly) huge Optimus Prime & Megatron collection at home. Talk about boys and their toys! *wry grin* All the robots are MISB (mint in sealed boxes) of course – collectors never ever take them out of the original boxes!


South East Asia’s hottest female magician, “Magic Babe” Ning, finds herself in two popular female magazines this October. Just out in newsstands nationwide, check out the latest edition of Simply Her (above, left) & Seventeen (above, right) 🙂

FYI: Ning has varied interests from watching MMA (mixed martial arts), checking out cool bikes (lean, mean, loving machines!), hopelessly geeking over the latest cool techie things, reading quirky books to embracing art (she dreams of visiting the Louvre in Paris some day, real soon!) 🙂


Formerly known as the Magic Dude and now, The Complete Magician, Shawn Chua – Singapore’s comedian extraordinaire finds himself in a (very) underground, limited edition book! His face repeats itself on ALL PAGES of the book, so technically, Shawn receives maximum exposure, beating the rest of the other Concept:Magic team members, down flat!

FYI: In his free time, Shawn enjoys moronic internet video clips and silly movies featuring other goofballs. He completely worships the zany Zoolander but don’t let this fool you, the man is a trained submission fighter! Wicked!!!


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