Tech Workshop Session with Mr. Gerard Chua :)

We had a full day workshop at the studio today, with Gerard (formerly from Carreyhill) playing our trainer of the day *grin* He’s now on holiday (sorta) so J C engaged him to give us an intensive workshop on video, lights and most importantly audio – just so we know what to look out for & how to troubleshoot when things don’t go right at our various shows.

The entire Concept:Magic team sat like little school children (with our pens and notebooks!) in front of Gerard who VERY IMPRESSIVELY lugged in enormously heavy cases of various cables, mics and equipment, 2 huge speakers, different audio racks and receivers, a couple of audio and lighting boards, his tablet PC and well as a projector!!!!


Seriously, Gerard really impresses me because one can easily tell that he’s a guy who is really passionate about his work & he takes great pride in it. Also, he went through all the trouble getting all these things for us so he could do a decent job for this informal workshop of sorts, though I’d assured him he could just use my laptop because it was an informal session. Well, he didn’t do a decent job though…

Gerard did a FANTASTIC job! LOL… 🙂  If only my technical lecturers were like him back in film school, I’d probably would have paid more attention during the more technical modules. *grin*


His knowledge on techie things is amazing and yep, we all learnt a lot in just a span of a few hours from Gerard. We took turns too, trying our hands on his sound controls as we tried to tweak our voices and everyone needs a different EQ level to sound good. Shaun was lucky because for some reason, he just needs to keep everything at neutral to sound his best. LOL.


My favorite time of the session was… hehehe… TEA BREAK TIME!!! 🙂

Shaun came late but he was easily forgiven because he arrived with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts (YUM!!!) from Hong Kong. The guys quickly attacked it of course, so by the time I took this photo, more than half the box was already gone. I grabbed the chocolatey donut in the top left corner of course… it was just screaming at me to eat it! 🙂

Ade bought a box of extremely good snow skin mooncakes from a hotel too – there were two different kinds, both had chocolate pralines in them but one had durian, while the other had ginseng. Pretty funky you’d think, but it was actually very tasty! I really appreciate Ade’s gesture, it’s really sweet and it must be quite costly… more so for a student!

After the short break (I was such a pig… I ate a chocolate donut, took a mooncake, made a cup of Campbell’s creamy chicken soup and before that, finished an entire cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows!!!) we continued with our workshop.

At J C’s insistence, there was even a pop quiz after that (Zzzzz…) but Gerard made it fun for everybody. LOL. He actually bought a whole bunch of chocolates and yummy things as incentives to answer questions! I got the first one, and the prize was a Meiji Macadamia chocolate pack! 🙂  *big grin* YAY!


Oh yeah, there was 2 part essay question after that (obviously J C’s idea… who else?) with a generous $50 cash prize for the student who gave the best answers. Shaun came close because he gave a surprisingly good answer for the first part, while I gave the most complete answers for the second but Ade won the prize (deservingly so!) because she was the most consistent of the whole bunch of us and provided good, solid answers for both parts!

Dinner at Botak Jones near Ade’s place was good as usual, their portions are always pretty generous. Gerard, J C, Ade & I had a good time laughing about the darnest things. Turns out, Gerard and I have a couple of friends in common – people who were in my mates in film school! Singapore’s just way too small 🙂  6 degrees of separation! By the time I went back after sending Ade home, it was already almost 11pm.

Anyways, when I came back home, I found a card waiting for me on my desk… A Wedding Invitation Card!!!!


LOL… No, I don’t see it as a “summon” as most people would call it. I’m really glad they’re finally getting married and I’m more than happy to give them their due red packet at their Chinese wedding dinner.

For ages I’d always told Ivan & Lee Choo (close friends who saw me grow up from timid & insecure teenager to the feisty me that I am today) that they have “fu qi xiang” – in other words, they just look really good together, like a happy perfect couple. And this was years back when they were just normal colleagues *grin*

So, am I psychic or am I psychic? 🙂


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