It’s really rare to get a weekend off work, with the number of illusion shows and customised magic projects we’re booked for. I’ve been really busy with show bookings so I’m glad that I finally kept my promise to myself… of giving me, myself & I, some much needed R&R time today and it was great  🙂

7 am – Woke up uncharacteristically early and watched the sunrise. I was filled with a wonderful sense of peace and calm, so much so, that I got inspired so I jotted down some ideas into my ragged little notebook.

Honestly, I was initially quite upset with a supposed friend who revealed his unreasonably selfish & mean streak but all that sadness is gone now. I’ve calmed down and I just feel indifference towards him. Maybe sometimes in life, there are just things and people you have to let go to move on better.

8 am – Dragged my lazy ass out of the door and went for a morning jog along the long Bt. Timah Road stretch (need to keep fit!!!!) and on my way back, I narrowly missed getting creamed by a very oblivious (completely “bo-chup”) uncle riding his cardboard filled bicycle on the pavement when he should have been on the road! Someone should buy him a bicycle bell for this birthday… *wry grin*

9 am – Breakfast with family at a retro kaya bread place that’s going to be demolished soon… everything, from the crockery to furniture and walls are just completely antique! The quaint little kopitiam is certainly very nostalgic! I’ve no doubt that the dainty cup I drank from, is way older than me.

Besides the regular toasted kaya bread, they also serve steamed white bread for the kaya, which is pretty different from your Killiney or Ya Kun modern franchise chains. We were the youngest bunch of patrons there of course. Everyone else there were old enough to be my gramma or grampa.

10 am – Watched a bit of Kids Central cartoons on TV (they are so totally different from the stuff I grew up with!) & read the newspapers (okay, honestly, just my favorite section – the Sunday comics!!! Everything else is just depressing, either someone dies or there’s another natural disaster).

11 am – Decided to start my “Be Nice to Myself Day” at an art gallery so I headed down to Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) in town, since I enjoyed myself tremendously the last time I went there. Traffic was surprisingly good!

2.30 pm – Grabbed a sandwich for lunch and scribbled some thoughts & random ideas I had after getting inspiration from some of the gallery’s funky exhibits (sorry, uploading photos of the works wouldn’t be fair to the artists and the gallery – take time to check them out, really!)

Time just flew and the great thing about going for such things alone, is that you can really take your own sweet time to fully appreciate each work of art. To me, there’s no greater bummer than having a companion who’s fidgety and uninterested – you just can’t enjoy or soak up the experience!

3 pm – Decided to treat myself to a gloriously long, full body oil massage and felt like a pampered princess (specifically Sleeping Beauty, because it didn’t take long before I fell asleep).

4.15 pm – Did a bit of mindless window shopping for the latest gadgets and other new & funky things. I finally purchased a handy USB retractable charger for my mobile phone which I can plug into my laptop. I checked out the new HTC Touch and it is surprisingly small and light, but it only comes in one color (sorry, girly X-Chromosomes speaking) and the simplistic design just isn’t as sexy as the sophisticated Apple iPhone.

Heh. Yes, I’m guess I’m quite the geek. A group of friends actually nicknamed me “Gadget Girl”! 🙂  Sounds like a Superheroine name, doesn’t it? *grin*

5 pm – Was browsing the latest arrivals at a bookstore when I decided to purchase a copy of the late Ernest Vincent Wright’s Gadsby, his famous novel (a highly impressive lipogram!) which is over 50,000 words long and does not contain the letter ‘E’ at all in the story! It’s an incredible feat really, considering “e” is the most commonly used vowel in the English alphabet! Oh. What sucks is that the talented author died on the day the book was released. Some say it was the stress that finished him off  😦

6 pm – Bumped into an old friend who actually remembered seeing me on Digital Life (Straits Times) earlier this year. It’s a wonder how she still remembers how I look like… according to her, well, she says I still have the same mischievous grin. Heh. And as expected, she thinks what I do is pretty darn crazy *grin* It’s especially alternative for a MGS girl to be doing what I’m doing… more so when it’s a path no other girl in Singapore has ever ventured before!

We had a cuppa at Starbucks where she bought their chic little truffle mooncakes (for her boyfriend’s family, how thoughtful!) and the two of us chatted a wee bit. She asked me to “show her something” so I did. I think somethings just never change – she gave a loud but very typical all-girls-school-girl attention grabbing squeal at the climax of the first magic “trick” I did for her. LOL. I swear, I can easily identify chicks who came from all girls schools – we all have this inbuilt knack! Like gaydar, the signs are just so obvious! *grin*

6.45 pm – Decided to watch a movie afterwards and the only film that matched my schedule (i.e. so I didn’t have to wait around too long) was The Invasion, which stars Nicole Kidman and that Brit guy who plays the new 007. My seat was pretty decent and it was great that I didn’t have any happy chatters (they are so annoying!!!) sitting around me or tall giants blocking my view in front but I was quite disappointed with the flick.

Seeing so many boom microphones in frame totally kills my suspension of disbelief!!!  😦   It was quite annoying to me and the mistake happened so often through the movie. Grah. But still, the storyline was pretty decent though I’d preferred a more realistic ending (not necessarily a happy one) …but hey, it’s Hollywood for you. If you like zombie flicks, this one would be right up your alley. I was more grossed out than scared though. The make-up and special effects rock!

9 pm – Ate at Subway (their yummy meatballs are the best!) before heading home. Got news from Ade that October’s issues of Seventeen magazine & Simply Her just hit the newsstands so I went to grab a copy at the 7-11. It was really quite interesting… the difference in my photos were just so stark, I’d say I look very different in both magazines *grin*

In case you aren’t aware, Simply Her is catered to your sophisticated working PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives & business people) while Seventeen is for fresh preppy gals in their 20s and younger. My interview with Simply Her was actually meant to be out in September and Seventeen was always slated for October, so it’s funny that they both came out at the same time 🙂  Does this make me Miss October? *grin*

Oh yeah… I didn’t have a stylist or make-up artist for my Seventeen magazine photo shoot so what you see is what you get:


Ok, that’s a fuzzy screen capture of one of the many photos in my exclusive interview, using my crappy camera phone of (page 117) October’s issue of Seventeen magazine *grin* But this is what I wear to work on a regular day… my comfy Levis (jeans are my life, baby!!!), a comfy black top from Mango (which I nicked from my sis), a white jacket (always convenient to leave in the office because you never know when there’s impromptu external meetings or presentations!) …abeit the funky leather hat of course!  🙂  I really like Seventeen’s tagline under the montage of photos *grin* They write: “Ning puts a sexy spin on Abracadabra!”


Right, so now, to show you the vast difference… I present you, the 2 page interview of yours truly, on Simply Her’s October issue. Entitled “The Marvelous Miss Magic”, it’s featured on pages 80 & 81 and yes, they had a professional photography and lighting crew & someone do my hair and make-up and everything *sheepish grin*


Bernard, one of my good buddies (and one helluva wicked coin magic worker), said I looked like a MILF. Hint: It has nothing to do with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, thank you. *rolls eyes* But anyways! Isn’t it incredible how lighting and make-up can so drastically change one’s appearance? LOL.

I like both photos really, they just show my different sides I guess – how I can be such a visual chameleon in a way, changing my looks to suit the different scenarios and settings accordingly 🙂  I mean, that’s me wearing the same costume, but I don’t quite recognize the girl on the left… Wuahahahaha…

Oh yeah. This Christmas may see me, er… “Magic Babe” Ning all decked out as a magic elf, so well, I’ll have photos of that if that happens *grin*

10.30 pm – All showered and fresh, I started surfing the internet, doing some happy nerd research on a potential new mobile phone *grin* My current phone is such a bummer because it always hangs and dies on me, so I’m planning on getting a PDA phone in the near future 🙂  I had my heart set on the Apple iPhone but after doing some checks, I realized *GASP* …It has no video recording feature!!! It’s a tad disappointing though it is still very sexy.

Anyways! I continued geeking away online and realized that Samsung’s having a new smartphone out soon later this 2007… the very good looking F700! A fantastic drool factor, which also comes packed with many solid techie features! I really like their QWERTY keypad and it’s supposed to come with a 5 mega pixel camera! *Does a happy little geek dance* Heh. Sorry, the tech geek in me talking.

12 mn – Finally stopped my obsessive geeking online & realized that Chris Daughtry (of American Idol fame) is coming to Singapore for a one night performance at St. James Power Station! I still strongly believe he should have won instead of the other undeserving contestant (well, where is Taylor Hicks now?) simply because Chris is waaaaaaay more talented and everyone clearly loves him (I have his CD!!!) …but then such is life right? Such competitions are just so unpredictable.

Anyways! Before I go into the land of the dreaming, this is just a heads up that Mega Illusion #2 is happening real soon!!!! J C is already working on it and if you think the FIRST was already awesome, well this one’s gonna be EVEN MORE spectacular!  🙂  Our partner this time around, is another huge organization, which is a well-known household name *grin* It’s really very exciting. More on that later…

Oh yes! Stay tuned to more updates regarding Triple Actz too  🙂  The 3 of us (Will, Shawn & yours truly) are working very hard on the show, happening this 21 Oct at the Alliance Francaise theatre, located at 1 Sarkies Road. This 75 minute show starts at 7.30pm (it’s free seating – so don’t be late!) and tickets are only S$25 and are sold exclusively via Magic Boutique.

Click here to watch our theatre show trailer now playing on all SPHMBO screens nationwide! Just so you get a short, flirty introduction of the principle casts and the ring leader too *grin* Anyways! Don’t be a cheapo, come lend your support for us local talents! Just click on the Triple Actz logo above to read more about it!


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