Magic Babe = Cool & Aloof/ Ning = Quirky & Wacky :)

My Lian He Zao Bao article’s supposed to be up this Wednesday, 12 Sep in their “Popcorn” segment but I was just informed by the reporter that she discussed with her editor & they decided that my story deserved more coverage so my interview’s slated to be featured as a cover story sometime this October in their newspaper! 🙂

That’s REALLY, REALLY, REALLY awesome news & I’m truly thankful that they are so kind and supportive of local talent… Woo hoo!!! *grin*

I guess it does make sense too, since I did share with her that I’m involved in this Saturday’s parlor magic competition held by IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) & also, this Oct 21 sees us performing magic, escapes and illusions at our Triple Actz theatre show! If you haven’t bought your tickets for it, do grab them now because seats are limited! It’s free seating by the way, so make sure you don’t turn up late!

Honestly, I’m quite excited about the 2007 IBM magic competition coming up… it’d be me and 5 other guys (as usual, I’m the only gal) competing. I’ll give it my best shot of course, but I only wish I had more time to work on my competition act though 😦 I don’t feel prepared at all!!!! We’ve been so extremely busy still with work at Concept:Magic – there’s always external afternoon meetings to attend, creative pitches to make, ideas to brainstorm with our event partners, besides our rehearsals and shows of course – the various (customized) magic performances we’re booked for *wry grin* Once again, I so need a clone!!!

Anyways… speaking about performing… It still really amuses me how most people expect me to be 100% like my onstage persona, Magic Babe. Then again, these folks hardly know me at all so I guess that’s why they expect me to be totally aloof (read: very “dao”) offstage, in real life too *wry grin* But I suppose, you’d think Stephen Chow is actually a funnyman in real life too, and that Robert DeNiro is totally intense all the time. Aye? I think it’s just my face. It runs in my family, I guess. Just like my sisters, if I don’t smile, I just look completely standoffish! LOL. We just have that aloof “Don’t touch me” look!

You know, while I’d agree and say yes… “Magic Babe” Ning IS a part of me, there are several other different bits that encompass who I am as well. I do have my quiet side which would much prefer chilling out at a chic jazz bar with a good ambience than a noisy disco with a whole bunch of drunken crazy people; reading a good book (Pablo Neruda!) in the comfort and solitude of my bedroom than going to say, a KTV to karaoke the night away…

But then, there’s the other “darker” side of me that is totally crazy about sports bikes and other lean, mean, deadly machines… like the new Ducati racing bike. *YUM* What a dream machine!


…What can I say? 🙂 I’m a simple, complicated woman.

I guess I’d be hard to tag simply because I’m just not the typical Singaporean girl *wry grin* How many girls can actually say magic is their day job? I’m queer that way I suppose, being the odd-ball with quirky likes and habits.

Do not be mistaken… I’m no “Alpha Woman” and I’m certainly not your ruthless cut-throat/ wanna wear the pants kind of woman… not at all!!! LOL. But while I’m quite the closet techie geek who’s SO looking forward to the yummy Apple iPhone coming out (read: one of the ‘boys’) & I’m evidently not your domestic kitchen goddess (I can’t cook to save my life – but I can easily burn things… even chicken soup!), I do love being a girl & I also enjoy ‘feminine’ hobbies too, like… Origami!!! 🙂

Okay, if you have no idea what that is, well, I really wouldn’t blame you. Origami is actually the Japanese art of paper folding. If you’re a magician, please pause for just a second… No, I’m NOT talking about Jim Steinmeyer’s stage illusion prop which was performed by David Copperfield *wry grin* Though yes, we all know that Copperfield’s coming to Singapore early this November. Like you, I’m looking forward to it already 🙂

Anyways! Yes, back to the art of Origami… I’m a big sucker for it and I’m actually on an international origami forum that discusses the latest ground-breaking techniques and funky inventions by origami enthusiasts around the world! There’s interesting topics discussing the mathematics of origami because that in itself is a science – understanding angles, folds, depth, creases and more. To be good at this, you need to understand Gaussian curvature & the problem of flat-foldability… It’s certainly not like making a simple paper airplane!


Heh. I suppose this interest of mine started out when I was in kindergarten when my Dad (for some strange but of course, very happy reason) brought home a fantastic book on the art of Origami just for me. I’m not sure what I did to deserve that, but I remember that I was quite thrilled because together with Mom, I’d be creating awesome things like pianos, tables, various animals and things from just a simple square of paper. It was truly magical 🙂

At school, I’d have friends asking me to make them various things and I still remember (very fondly), my classmates forming a queue at my desk because they all either wanted a rabbit, frog or crane. I made an iris flower for my favorite teacher in Primary 1 and Miss Agnes Lee seemed impressed when I shyly told her that I did it myself *grin*

So yes… this sai dagger wielding Asian girlie who escapes from regulation straight jackets & spins fire pois does actually have another side – another ‘half’ that is much ‘softer’ too! But more than anything, I know for sure that yours truly is one helluva quirky girl who notices the strangest things. Like, the last time I stepped into one of Singapore’s more popular toy stores, I was severely traumatized after seeing what they had stocked in the girls’ section.

Seriously. 90% of the toys there were totally made to domestify these little girls through subliminal conditioning! *horrified gasp* I think I’d be so totally depressed if I were given a toy vacuum cleaner or sewing machine for my birthday. And toy microwaves?! So what if it comes in pink, really? *dour look*

Toy makers should totally revamp themselves. The children of today are way more sophisticated and it’s so unfair that the boys have the cooler toys. If only they had those funky sciencey CSI and spy detective kits back then when I was growing up. I’d so enjoy that *grin* I was always the LEGO freak. Still am really… Heh. It’s really funky that they have an entire Batman series, complete with different characters like Robin and even, The Joker!

Speaking about clowns and evil villains, I actually have a morbid fear of clowns (it’s not only about their ill-fitting, over-sized clown shoes and disgusting fashion sense) and I think this tremendous terror stemmed from a horrid looking clown rag-doll (that looked COMPLETELY EVIL!!!!) someone gave me when I was a wee toddler.


Okay, so that’s one LEGIT reason… besides the truth of little Ningy sneaking downstairs to watch Stephen King’s “IT” on the telly (when she was NOT supposed to) while her parents were sleeping soundly one night when she was really young… and then completely regretting it. Sigh. You have no idea how terrified of the dark I was after that… Seriously, I didn’t dare go to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night! *sheepish grin* Chronic trepidation!!!

But anyways, unlike other girls, I never found Barbie dolls interesting (they’re so totally “vanilla”!) so I never did bug my folks to get them for me, though I’m pretty sure every other MGS girl must have had at least one. And a Ken doll too. What I do have however, is a pretty neat collection of Ninja Turtles somewhere and other action figures too… I guess this has to do with me being the only grand daughter in my family (before my 2 younger sisters arrived) and I only had my 4 older guy cousins to wrestle around & play with.

LOL. Old memories, good memories.

Oh yeah, aren’t these brand new dustbins at United Square just so totally cute for the kids? …Just make sure you don’t get too close. They bite.




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3 responses to “Magic Babe = Cool & Aloof/ Ning = Quirky & Wacky :)

  1. Colin

    Oh my, that dark looking hooded horserider is so totally cool! That kiddy bike is cute, but next time, I’ll take you to snap tons of photos with Ducatis and BMW bikes ok?

  2. jOyce.L

    hey babe! Didn’t know you’re a orig fan too!! you should prolly meet my bro in law, hes an orig artist.. Whahah!!! I used to do orig when i was young, now i can’t remember much!!

  3. admin

    Colin – You know I love riding big bikes & your BMW’s simply the best! I’ve been seriously spoilt by you & I’ll never be able to ride Spanky’s lil vespa the same way again… LOL!

    Joyce – Yes, I’m a closet case. Hahahahaha…

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