The past 2 days have been really interesting 🙂 The reporter from SPH’s top Chinese newspaper, Lian He Zao Bao, came by the magic studio on Wednesday for the interview (on yours truly, Magic Babe & Magic Boutique!) and it was a really nice session. She’s exactly my age and though she looks young, she’s got an acute way of asking questions (clever ones at that too!) and though she’s astute, she had no pompous air about her and I actually felt like I was having a chat with a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m just updating her with the current updates happening in my life *grin*

I did some impromptu magic for her as well, and it was great that she enjoyed herself too 🙂 The article appears next Wednesday on Lian He Zao Bao’s “Popcorn” segment & it’s an exclusive!

The photographer came by the next day, so on Thursday, it was a mad rush to make sure our magic studio looked decent enough for the photoshoot! Turns out, the SPH photographer assigned was a woman and she’s really good at what she does too 🙂 What was fantastic as that she was also genuinely interested about what I did for a living & was excited when I shared that our theatre show, Triple Actz, happens this Oct 21 at Alliance Francaise theatre.

Oh yeah… Seats for Triple Actz are really limited so do grab your tickets from Magic Boutique ASAP! 🙂 The trailer is already running nationwide on all of SPHMBO’s screens – the big outdoor ones, as well as, the LED ones inside most shopping malls in Singapore!

Meanwhile, since today’s the last day to return the RMIT graduation gowns, I decided to just clown around a little. Yes, I do have my corny moments… and you probably already realize that deep down, I’m a really quirky girl. Anyways! Doesn’t this totally look like a scene from Harry Potter’s? *grin*


I was trying to pull a pompous face and it was just perfect that we have a copy of this magic book in our magic library. Yes, it’s corny I know, but it’s just so right!!! It’s quite funny that we’ve got “The Thing” on the top right corner of the photo (I just realized). Yes, somebody’s dismembered hand! Adam’s family meets Harry potter at Hogwarts School of Wizardry? *corny guffaw* 🙂

This one’s quite nice too, but it would have been cooler if our bookshelf looked more massive *grin* LOL. The quirky things magicians are capable of!


Oh! Just in case you didn’t know, we’ve got a skull in the office. I named him after the famous philosopher Socrates, but all the guys just call him “Bone Head” because he’s really just a coin bank – but a big, massive, heavy one at that! I actually got him off an online auction for cheap, during the time I had a fetish for goth things. I still haven’t got my Alexander McQueen skull scarves tho 😦

Anyways, isn’t Socrates just a charmer? Women like intelligent men, right? 🙂

…Putting the motar board on him was really J C’s idea!!!


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