Always look on the bright side of life!

It’s Monday and our things from Kulai are suppose to arrive back in Singapore. We were all crossing out fingers, eyes and toes that everything would come back properly in one piece but the funny thing was, when it finally arrived in the afternoon, all the small(er) things came back but our two big illusions weren’t in the delivery truck. It was really strange. We made a frantic call to Art to check and he was pretty confident it was already in Singapore, but with another vendor so he’d make checks. Everything that came was pretty muddy with splashes of muck and dents and bumps so we hoped our bigger stuff (read: the more expensive props) weren’t in too bad a shape.

In the late afternoon, one more illusion came back to us but the other still wasn’t with the delivery guys (??!?!?!?!). It was pretty frustrating how it happened, but we were promised that the last one would come back to us tomorrow. Also, the prop that arrived was perceptibly tampered – someone with itchy fingers had ripped open the sturdy carpet tape we had carefully lined the openings with and we were also missing a panel board. SIGH.

Also, it was in quite a sad state… there was still mud and water inside and it was waterlogged, the paint was chipping all over the place, there were bumps and scrapes, besides it looking totally mucky. I was very depressed because Light & Space is my favorite illusion 😦 There was muddy foot prints too, so it was obvious someone with big feet had climbed on top and stood on it.

You know what they say about men with big feet right?

…They have big shoes.

Heh. Anyways! 

On Tue afternoon, the other big prop arrived too, in the same mucky state. We spent quite a while again, cleaning it up. Art says he’ll check out on things for us, so hopefully he does that soon. We’ve cleaned it up as good as we can but as you know, water damage is irreversible. There are rusty parts to change and bits to repaint, besides other things *sigh* Such is life eh?

We were feeling pretty depressed because of the sorry state of our things that returned but a really nice surprise visit from my buddy Colin helped cheer up our low spirits 🙂 He had a meeting at Raffles City earlier so he decided to get some delish snacks from Donut Factory! I’ve heard about the crazy queues (poor Colin was there for an hour and a half! Good thing he had company to chat with when he was in the queue!) but I always wondered it was really worth the wait.

Well, after chomping down on the double chocolate donut he recommended I try… man, it’s like heaven! *grin* It’s as good as Krispy Kremes!!! There’s a dozen in a box and it all smells sooooo good. The aroma just wafts up when you open the lid and really, each different type of donut just looks totally inviting! They look so pretty, with texture and it just looks so nicely presented – like it was made with love 🙂

So that’s our superhero who saved the day with his special delivery, donuts in hand *grin* Funny how simple things like this can really perk up one’s mood!


The yummy Donut Factory treats up close and personal… *drool* 🙂

So it wasn’t such a bad start to the week after all. Also, SPH confirmed that they want Magic boutique to produce yet another batch of magic cards for them because they really loved the pocket illusions we did for them last month, during the Mega Illusion/ ST: A Part of My Life event!

When I finally came home from work, there was a lovely package waiting for me from the States. I ordered 2 DVDs over a week ago from these funky American born Chinese filmmakers (comprising of 3 guys – Ted, Wes & Philip, they call themselves WongFu Productions) in the US called “A Moment with You”. It’s a feature film about love (which is truly such a scary thing, right?) and having the courage to face it, the struggle over overcoming what’s past, and fighting for what you want and all.

Since my bestfriend’s birthday is coming up, I decided to get Ben a copy too. I sent a special request that the filmmakers autograph the covers too, yes… I don’t intend to sell it on eBay, thank you very much *wry grin* And Ben’s not that type to do so too. I do hope he likes it. It kinda reminds me of the days we spent as struggling film students. While I’m doing something completely different and alternative right now (didn’t quite become the producer I thought I’d be), Ben’s now a big shot fulltime video editor for The Right Angle, one of the biggest media houses in Singapore 🙂

We’re really, really different but there’s just so many awesome thing about having a guy as your bestfriend and yes, it is completely platonic, thank you very much… LOL. We are simply just not each other’s types! *wry grin*


So that’s me, with the 2 DVDs (back and front) with my mega eyebags because our work schedule’s still pretty crazy.


That’s what the WongFu guys scribbled on my DVD cover. I really love the cute little cartoon of the rabbit in the hat! *big grin* I hope to find some time this weekend to watch it. Can’t wait…


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