RMIT Convocation :)

It’s my convocation ceremony today and it’s great because I really do miss my University mates, especially my little grrrl gang comprising of Nats, Mabes, Zann & Spanky *grin* My darling Nats got the top student award and I’m really happy for her, though everyone is clearly surprised. Anyways, Luke proposed when they were holidaying at the Grand Canyon some months back and their big day’s on June 14th of next year, to be held at Raffles Hotel. Ain’t it grand? *big grin* It’s fantastic that everything’s going so well for Nats 🙂 I’m really so happy for my good friend.


The day before, I decided to treat myself to a simple French manicure. Yup, something different from my usual shade of midnight black! *grin* But anyways, wearing the graduation gown does make me feel like a student at Hogwarts 🙂 If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’d know what I mean…


Okay, so we all look like complete dorks with the geeky motar boards on our heads *wry grin* Nats looks like a million bucks (you should check out the huge rock on her engagement ring… I have to wear shades just to look at it) and Zann has never looked better with a glowing healthy tan from all that wonderful scuba diving adventures she’s been having. Spanky had her hair spilling down in sexy big curls as usual and Mabes still looks the same 🙂 I really do miss the girls and was happy to see everybody again, though the ceremony was held in the early morning and I’m not exactly a morning person *wry grin*


That’s David, one of the nicest guys in class and Colin (small world… my cousin Lionel’s friend) was a reliable buddy as usual, and was really nice to support me by coming for my graduation too. I’ll have to get the quirky photos he took with his digital camera soon. I had a couple with my girlfriends holding a magic wand… LOL 🙂

My family took a portrait later that afternoon at the famous Serangoon Broadway photography studio, just for the heck of it *grin* It’s not really my cuppa tea but I know it’s just something my folks would have liked. My little sisters were quite amused though, and it was interesting being bossed around by the 2 Mandarin speaking photographers with a thick Malaysian accent in their little retro looking studio.

Well, that’s another chapter of my life… I’m really glad that my family is so supportive of me doing magic as a career though it is such an ‘alternative’ option for a university graduate *grin* Am piece of good news… Lian He Zao Bao is interested in interviewing yours truly about Magic Boutique, as well as, a day in the life of Magic Babe! Can’t wait for that 🙂


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