This is finally it!!!  All the prior work and traveling to Kulai is because of today… the actually performance for the illusion show, teleportation (where J C vanishes before everyone’s eyes on stage and reappears a distance away on top of one of Volvo’s new vehicles & it’s star vehicle unveiling! J C was engaged for this specifically because no one else in this part of the world can do this *grin* He designed a very complex mega scale illusion to make this HUGE Volvo professional construction vehicle appear.

How huge is huge, you’d ask? Well it’s a 33 ton vehicle that’s 3m tall, 10m long & 4m wide *wry gin* It’s certainly no puny feat for ya! It’s a pretty funky project… extremely tiring for sure, but the great part about having a fantastic team is that everyone’s always there for each other 🙂

…Or at least, well, just… there. Behind each other? *sheepish grin* That’s Will & Shawn strangling me from the back with the seatbelt on our way to Kulai. It’s supposed to be only make-believe of course, but what disturbs me is that they look a tad too happy somewhat. Hmmm…

Oh yeah, I was quite amused to see this at the checkpoint on our way into Malaysia, so I just had to snap a quick photo 🙂 Magic Boo… tick?


Anyways! The weather wasn’t too good this time around all we could only do was pray that the rain would stop soon because our designated stage area wasn’t sheltered and we’d expect the floor to be a muddy mess 😦 When we reached there, the floor was indeed a disaster because the heavy winds and rains prior had brought in gravel and soil onto the wooden flooring. That was quickly settled by laying carpet over it, because there was no way we could perform on a stage floor like that, and we started to quickly un-canvas our props and illusion sets, to get to work.

While we were uncovering our things, I suddenly noticed this humongous gigantic insect that was on the heavy canvas I was folding up. Gah… It looked so deadly with its mega fangs hanging out and the icky stripes on its back.

Yes. Magic Babe really HATES spiders!!! …And clowns, because they’re evil… but that’s another story.

I think I must have screamed (erm, but only a little) while I dropped the canvas and leapt a foot away – the frikking spider was like the size of my hand! 😦 Shaun got all excited and wanted to find a glass jar to catch it while the other dudes wanted to kill it.

See? Doesn’t that look like a total meanie? 😦 😦 😦

Okay, while I act all tough and everything, I’m still a girl. And a girl who reaaaally hates buggs!!! Anyways, Mr Boss decided to be nice so he grabbed the set of heavy duty gloves from our tool bag and wore them so the spider couldn’t bite through (but what if it did?!?!? …Spiders have deadly slobbery fangs right?! …I’ve seen it on the Discovery channel) & picked it up, setting it free on a grass patch some distance away.

Unfortunately, it was in the direction of the portable toilets at the venue so for the entire day and night at Kulai, I just held it in. Gah. Don’t need any nasty surprises. *shudder* Hate spiders!!!


Anyways, that’s me and Art, our event partner. I swear, he gets tanner every time I see him! The two of us were unwinding just a little before the event proper started. Many things were still being readied so it was quite stressful putting everything together for this big event.

When it did officiate a few hours after, part of the illusion (for the vehicle appearance) worked perfectly as designed but due to the technical requirements not met by the support team Art hired, the revelation could not be done the way it was designed by J C.

But still, the audience and client were very happy with our magic performances – there was huge applauses for the bits where J C teleported from the stage to the top of a huge Volvo truck, as well as, when I disappeared and reappeared during our mystifying Light & Space segment. The audience loved our energetic 3” Hole illusion too, which had me penetrate the locked truck magically in just a flash before their very eyes!

Volvo’s CEO congratulated us and shared that he felt we did a good job 🙂 Honestly, the customized illusion show we performed on the open-air stage in front of them was a real challenge because of the rain. It was slippery, the floor was muddy and this was in an outdoor environment where we’re exposed to the elements. The moisture from the evening made the surface of the Light & Space illusion, a prop which I’m so familiar with, so slippery! It didn’t help that the carpet was rolled over mud and rain so my boots weren’t exactly dry too!

Upon climbing off the Light & Space illusion, my left foot slipped and I fell off the front ledge (????… Oops… Wuaaaah!!!) which is over a metre high but thankfully, I landed on the balls of my feet somewhat gracefully like a cat and held an impromptu pose *LOL* I guess all that yoga classes helped.

J C knew something was up because I did something different but everything went off without a hitch and our appreciative audience were none the wiser that I slipped/ fell. Honestly, it was quite scary… seeing the ground rush up at you so quickly. But I guess I managed it well, flipping my hair with a bit of cool aloof nonchalance as I casually moved off to strike a pose after. That’s Magic Babe for ya! Meowrrr…

*wry grin* Despite the technical issues that were truly beyond us, it was still good show from our end… our final teleportation act blew everyone away! The fireworks were really pretty too  The entire magic team was excellent, the guys – Will was in charge of illusion site; Shawn working with the console, calling the shots for lights & audio; Shaun & Alvin as our shrewd show crews for this complex show… everyone did a good job for this tough project!

There were quite a number of guests in the audience who actually recognized J C as the one who did South East Asia’s first ever Mega Illusion. Our Impossible Teleportation was only a week plus ago, but it seems like we’ve already done a whole tonne of things already! Time just flies for us…

Anyways, after packing down all our props once the clients and their guest left the site, we decided to unwind (since thoughtful Art bought a whole ice-box full of beer for the guys… pity Magic Babe doesn’t like beer) and “unwinding”, to Will & Shawn, well, that simply means a little clowning around! *grin*


That’s Shawn doing an quirky impersonation of a loony tunes character getting creamed by a giant speedy truck & Will doing an “Iron Man” *wry grin*


There were a whole lot of other vehicles on site of course… guarded by tough Malaysian security personnel, which I had to erm, distract (la femme Nikita style!!!) so the guys could continue monkeying around… *wry grin* That’s me with the 2 macho guards on duty. I said I really liked their stun guns holstered at their hip & they actually thought I was a cool chick. LOL… 🙂

They were especially tickled with us when we took this picture though. Will has a sick knack of making it look realistic. We were totally inspired by that silly steam roller segment in that Austin Powers movie where this lame henchman of Dr. Evil’s gets flattened by a super duper slow moving steam roller *rolls eyes* Completely moronic really…


I guess it was about midnight when our ride back to Singapore finally came to pick us up from the Kulai site. Everyone was really tired of course… it’s been a truly tiring day, so it was no surprise some of the guys knocked out like a light just after a bit.

Remember what I said earlier about weird sleeping habits? Well… *wry grin*

…And you also have clowns like us, who are still so completely awake *grin*

Sleeping can wait for me, because after a show well done (and a major one at that!) I know a good night’s sleep is just waiting for me 🙂


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