Rehearsal for Volvo gig @ Kulai

That’s us today, on our way from Singapore to Kulai for the Volvo gig on the van arranged by our event partner… J C was giving all of us a briefing enroute. So from the left, that’s Shawn, J C, Alvin & Will.


On our way to Kulai, we actually saw an ominous 2 vehicle crash that had both cars flipped over. One of the guys behind me (from Aux) was muttering out loud “Wah, unlucky… Hungry Ghost Festival…” which clued me in to realize (Oooohhhhh…) that’s why people have been burning things, erm, “offerings” outside the past few days. Heh. I was never superstitious about such things.

…That’s why I didn’t join the bunch of guys behind me in the van, who also tried to take note of the flipped car’s vehicle license plate number to buy lottery with *shrug* …I wonder. Is this a predominantly Chinese thing to do… or just us, quirky Singaporeans?!

Anyways! The ride up was quite long because of the super slow traffic situation and the unfortunate accident. That made some of us doze off and you know how everyone has a unique, quirky way of sleeping? I’ve heard of people who grind teeth when sleeping, besides being heavy droolers or snorers but anyways… The guys were totally tickled by what they saw and they made me take this picture of our dear Shaun with his hand, erm… hmmm… *giggle*

We finally reached the specially created Volvo event site at the quarry in Kulai only in the early afternoon but thankfully, the weather was way better than previously (no mucky grounds!).


I don’t know why but this picture reminds me of a scene from Lord of The Rings… You know, the iconic one of the entire group trekking up a mountain, their silhouettes to the sun? J C can play Gandalf then, since he was leading the pack with his “staff”.

Hur hur hur… wouldn’t it be hilarious if we actually saw this sign at the venue?

With J C as Gandalf, Will & Shawn can play Frodo & Sam, since they like to do their super quirky homo-erotic thing sometimes. I wanna be the leggy elf guy, Legolas, not because I like Orlando Bloom (sorry, pretty boys just don’t do it for me!) but I always wanted to be an elf. Heh. Love those cute pointy ears (fetish!!!) and his amazing bow & arrows… I don’t know how he does it, so it must be middle earth magic… the weapon supply incredibly never ends!

Right, I digress. Back to the Volvo gig… have you ever seen a huge vehicle doing a free-styler dance?

This is really the closest thing to a real uber COOL Transformers moment ever… Check out the funky sight that greeted us as we approached the event tentage!!! …Now is that cool, or is that cool? 🙂

I was always impressed by Volvo cars… love their SUVs, but this… now, their entire range of new pro construction vehicles is really amazing.

You’d think such big machines would be slow and cumbersome but these babies are anything but! They move & swivel real fast and if you like Transformers like me (all you Takara & Hasbro TF fans!), you’d enjoy the spectacle too *grin* It was a pretty darn awesome!

On site, we realized that the setup was yet to be completed and the tentage guys were still fixing up the place, while the sound and lights weren’t even ready, with cables and rope all over the place. Our technical requirements for the grand illusion (Volvo vehicle appearance) weren’t ready and the scary thing was that the client preview was at 7.30pm, with only just us providing all the entertainment, besides the Volvo vehicle display. GULP!!! Only a few precious hours more to go!

Poor over-worked and getting-tanner-by-the-day Art (event boss of Aux) was sharing with me that the transportation people from Malaysia (due to some contract, they had to use them only) took a really long time to deliver everyone’s equipment and goods to the venue, hence the unfortunate backward shift of the rehearsal schedule.

It was a really lucky thing that all our things arrived pretty safely, except for a few scrapes and bumps, but nothing was broken *phew* It was certainly huge relief, especially since the transportation dudes were actually 5 hours late in reaching us! Talk about reliability issues… Sigh!

Since we couldn’t do our rehearsals with the rest of the things not yet ready, I could only wait while J C & the guys went to settle the “bigger issues” involving the illusion site because the technical requirements weren’t set properly.

The next picture below, well… sees Shawn & Will running for their lives down a steep slope on the quarry, from the approaching vehicle *LOL* It’s actually very serious but everything with them just seems silly & comical.

We were informed that we should ALWAYS look out and make way from the moving vehicles for safety, simply because from where the drivers are sitting, they just can’t see you on the ground. So yep, that’s me yelling “Run Forrest, run!” as the two flailed for their lives *wry grin*

As you know, moments of near death experiences pull people together, drawing them closer because they share a similar bond… so here’s a really sweet Brokeback Mountain moment both Will & Shawn had during lunch. Awwww… 🙂

Isn’t that such a romantic moment in the hot, humid weather, amidst the yucky mosquitoes! *grin*

Evening came and showtime for the client preview came and went. It was nice to know that the audience enjoyed our magic – they were very responsive (which is always GREAT!), especially for our mysterious Light & Space illusion & and dynamic 3” Hole illusion. The kicker of the day of course was a treat for them, which had J C vanish instantly from the stage before the audience and reappear a great distance away, on top of one of the huge Volvo vehicles, amidst a grand display of fireworks.


It was almost close to midnight when we left for Singapore (home sweet home!). The hour plus ride back to the office in the van was spent discussing today’s show, as well as, plans for our Triple Actz 2007 show this 21 October at Alliance Francaise theatre, which stars the three of us – Shawn: The Complete Magician, “Iron” Will Houdini & Magic Babe, yours truly. Talk about how work just doesn’t end! *rueful grin* 🙂

Somewhere after that I think I nodded off to sleep for a bit, with a vague realization that I’d only had one meal for the entire day… I was only woken up when the guys said they were starving. We shared the tasty ZOO biscuits in my bag that J C bought and soon after finishing it up (in the darkness, I was whining to Will for the heck of it, that I had no idea which animal I was chomping on), we were back in the office.

Dumping the stuff we had with us, we hen drove out to supper at the 24 hour prata store near my place where the guys had their favorite murtabak and papadum. I was almost falling asleep on my egg prata, much to the amusement of Shaun who was sitting opposite me… I really couldn’t help it, my mind and body was shutting down!

It was a really hectic day for all of us, so I’m very glad I have this weekend to sort of rest and recover before the craziness consumes us again. I should get a full body massage this weekend, really. Monday morning sees me doing the edit for our Triple Actz trailer video so that’d be pretty fun *grin* Look out for it shortly on all SPHMBO screens nationwide!!!


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